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    PodMov Daily: Wednesday, April 1

    Episode 175: Your Midweek Update

    Wednesday Guest Feature: 5 Lessons of Creating a Podcast Network

    This Wednesday’s guest article by Katie DeFiore reflects on the hard, rewarding work of starting and managing a podcast network. DeFiore is the network manager of The Democracy Group’s newly formed network, which launched earlier this month. Jenna Spinelle, the host and producer of the Democracy Works podcast, is the network founder.

    The process “has been a lot like building a startup from the ground up,” DeFiore writes. “It takes that mindset of seeing challenges as opportunities, and having a clear mission and vision, that motivates every decision you make moving forward.” The article shares five lessons learned and what’s next for the network.

    The Democracy Group’s goal is to establish a unique identity within the field of civic engagement. DeFiore explains how to think deeply about your organization’s theme and values, which will bring “a sense of cohesiveness to the shows in every way — visibly, audibly, stylistically, and in a sense of availability.”

    Take a Walk With Your Mic: Rob Rosenthal's Field Recordings

    Returning from a recent beach walk near his home in Massachusetts, Rob Rosenthal wished he had been recording. The teacher, producer, and HowSound host writes that “the quiet, without any outside commotion, was a relief […] I stood still for a while, soaked up the stillness, then moved on.”

    Why interrupt the experience with technology? “In the long run, I think recording may have prompted me to listen even more deliberately,” Rosenthal explains. With a new episode of HowSound focused on the music of everyday life, “my intent is to inspire you to grab a mic and head out to record.”

    The Transom post lists the clips in the episode, which are the creator’s own or sourced from “a slew of field recordings from podcasts.” Why? “The pleasure of it mostly,” Rosenthal reasons. “Listening to recorded soundscapes can be deeply satisfying, transportive, and connect you to place.”

    A Message of Hope from the Ramsey Network: New Podcast

    Money expert and national radio host Dave Ramsey has been pointing Americans in the right direction with common-sense advice for nearly 30 years. On the new podcast series A Message of Hope, Dave guides listeners through these uncertain times with special guests from the Ramsey Network.

    Listen in and be encouraged by the recent A Message of Hope livestream series. “Your critical thinking skills just dissipate when you’re panicked,” Ramsey says. “I’ve been there and we’re going to get through this.”

    Don’t miss this new podcast series featuring insights from Ramsey Network hosts Dave Ramsey, Rachel Cruze, Ken Coleman, Chris Hogan, Christy Wright, Anthony ONeal, and Dr. John Delony. Ready to stop worrying and start planning with confidence? Subscribe to A Message of Hope wherever you get your podcasts.

    In a time of destruction, create something.

    Here's what else is going on:

    • World stage: Peter Wells of The Brisbane Times speaks with the Australian news presenter Sandra Sully, now the host of Short Black. Sully describes the podcast as a “great platform to really flesh out and showcase [the] stories” of remarkable Australian women.
    • Um, technically: “The terms ‘condenser’ and ‘dynamic’ refer to two different ways microphones are built, and function.” If you're new to this topic, The Podcast Host has you covered. Matthew Boudreau's clear guide to microphones for voice could be a valuable resource.
    • Sketch artist: Rita El Khoury of Android Police details how “Google's vision for Podcasts is (very) slowly taking shape” with the latest interface update. A new feature enables synced progress between a user's phone, computer, and Google or Nest smart speaker.

    Psst: Team PM has been working on a new project, and now’s your opportunity to help build the blueprints. Interested? Share your insights this week using this survey.

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