Guest Feature: A Podcaster’s Guide to Organic Leads on Facebook


PodMov Daily: Wednesday, July 15

Episode 242: Your Midweek Update

Guest Feature: A Podcaster's Guide to Organic Leads on Facebook

This Wednesday’s guest article by Meiko Patton outlines strategies for podcasters to capture organic leads on Facebook. Patton, a podcaster and bestselling author, is all about saving time: “The goal of automation is to amplify your reach with your personal mantra or message, without trading hours for dollars.”

What does an optimized profile look like? “Everyone that checks out your page is a potential listener and customer,” Patton says. With effort, planning, and frequent updates, a basic page can be turned into “a mini secret sales agent — on autopilot — that captures new interest without direct advertising.”

Fresh messaging is the key, Patton advises. When you post a teaser for each episode, update that cover photo as well. At every opportunity, a profile “needs to succinctly tell what you do and who you serve. If you want people to stay and learn more, it has to spark their interest and appeal to them.”

Gimlet Media Facing Lawsuit Over Lack of Accessibility in Podcasts

The podcasting company Gimlet Media is facing a class-action lawsuit over the accessibility of its content, reports Whitney Kimball of Gizmodo. The plaintiff, Kahlimah Jones, “argues that Gimlet violates the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) by failing to provide closed captioning on various podcasts.”

Kimball gives context behind the suit and others like it in recent years. “Suits against websites under the ADA are common, with 2,256 in 2019,” she explains. “This is in part because courts still haven’t come to a consensus about how the ADA applies to the web.” Does a company site count as a place of public accommodations?

“Covid-19 has drawn more mainstream public awareness to inaccessibility online,” Kimball points out. It’s time: According to Johns Hopkins University, about one in five Americans have hearing loss. As we all rely on the internet more than ever, the audio industry has a clear opportunity to adapt.

Earn and Learn with Supercast’s Paid to Podcast Competition

Adding a paid membership to your podcast is simply the easiest way to unlock sustainable, recurring revenue. Supercast’s Paid to Podcast Competition is awarding over $100,000 in cash and prizes to prove it. 

Running through December 31, it’s a race to generate the highest Monthly Recurring Revenue with Supercast’s subscription-based model. Each participant receives a package valued at over $500, including discount codes, months of free hosting, and a chance at an investment offer from Tiny Capital.

With regular AMAs from experts like Jessica Cordova Kramer and Matty Staudt, Paid to Podcast is more than a challenge. It’s an opportunity to learn from world-class mentors, connect more deeply with listeners and build your own sustainable podcast business.

Curious about the Grand Prize? (Hint: It starts with $40,000 in cash and lunch with Pat Flynn in San Diego.) Register by October 31 to get started.

Luck affects everything. Let your hook always be cast; in the stream where you least expect it there will be a fish.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Real talk: Yesterday’s SHIFT kickoff event for PM University was truly exceptional. Visit PMU to experience the entire live stream, starting with a powerful session on equality in audio with Renay Richardson of Broccoli Content and Noleca Radway of Domino Sound.
  • Many hats: In recent months, parent-podcasters have had it rough. Caroline Crampton of Hot Pod reflects on recent conversations with those juggling long hours, distraction, and burnout. What helps the most? “Solidarity and visibility” go a long way.
  • Popular kids: Spotify is implementing ‘Top' and ‘Trending' podcast charts, reports Ashley Carman of The Verge. Though controversial due to opaque algorithms and users ‘gaming’ them, the new charts will put Spotify “on par” with players like Apple Podcasts.
  • Vast horizon: Discover Pods sat down with Whitney Johnson of National Geographic to discuss the critically acclaimed podcast Overheard. The science and exploration series is new, deliberate territory: “We are not making the audio version of a magazine story.”

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