Wednesday Guest Feature: Communication Tips for Great Podcast Music


PodMov Daily: Wednesday, June 24

Episode 233: Your Midweek Update

Wednesday Guest Feature: Communication Tips for Great Podcast Music

This Wednesday’s guest feature from Cherie Turner is about communicating your ideas around podcast music. Turner, the creator of the running podcast Strides Forward, shares tips for identifying and explaining what kind of score you have in mind. Even if you’ve hired an expert, “The responsibility for getting the sound you want falls on you.”

“It can be challenging, even somewhat intimidating, to convey to a music professional — a musician, composer, sound designer — the sound you want for your show,” Turner says. Why? “Music is emotional. It’s technical. It’s personal. It’s a craft and art that literally has its own language, and most of us aren’t fluent.”

How can non-musicians describe tone and tempo without getting bogged down? Turner gives excellent advice from a recent PRX Podcast Garage workshop and more. “You don’t need to learn music theory or how to read a score to effectively communicate your ideas. But you do need to get comfortable with how you talk about sound.”

PM's Weekly Community Recap: Podcasting on YouTube

How can podcasters take advantage of YouTube? This week’s community update gathers research and insights on how to use the video platform to connect with new audiences, grow listenership, and create additional ad revenue. Edison Research, Podnews, and others provide further research and tips on utilizing the platform’s features. 

Get additional advice and first-hand experience from PM community members such as Frank DeMaria of Check Out This Record Podcast, who states “I started with the audio on YouTube, but I think it's hard for people to listen to hour audio on there. We just switched to video, and the views went up quite a bit.”

Coming Up: The Podcast Advertising Industry Summit from Voxnest

In-person events may be on hold, but the growth of the podcast industry is full-speed ahead. Voxnest, a leader in audio technology, invites podcast advertising professionals to its first-ever free virtual summit, the Podcast Advertising Industry Summit

On Tuesday, June 30 from 1 pm to 3 pm EST, the industry will come together to learn and share data and strategies about the rapid development of podcast advertising. Expert panelists will deliver essential insights for publishers, advertisers, agencies, and more.

Guest speakers from Nielsen, Pandora, Podsights, Katz Digital, Audioboom, Glow and many more industry-leading companies will contribute their thoughts on programmatic, live reads, data and the evolution of the industry.

As podcast advertising continues to pivot and face new challenges, join Voxnest in shaping its future.

The world always seems brighter when you've just made something that wasn't there before.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Stay awhile: The podcast company Wondery has launched a dedicated app featuring 50+ shows and its lineup of originals, reports Todd Spangler of Variety. The binge-friendly app is free, but “the goal is to upsell fans to the Wondery Plus subscription service.”
  • Always more: iHeartRadio will be co-producing a slate of companion podcasts for HBO Max’s ‘legacy' and upcoming programming. The first series to receive their own podcasts will be the comedy thriller series “Search Party” and sci-fi drama “Raised by Wolves.”
  • Well, technically: Neil Mody of Headliner explains the technology used to find “the best 30-second clip” of a podcast episode for the purpose of social media ‘teaser’ videos. The automatic process is based on neuro-linguistic programming and topic segmentation.

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