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PodMov Daily: Wednesday, July 17

Episode 2: Electric Boogaloo

How Fast is Too Fast? An Experiment in Podfasting

Many of the podcast industry’s biggest names are on tour to reveal new shows, partnerships and trends. Podfront, which serves as a TV network-style upfront for podcasting, will be held today at Detroit’s historic GEM Theater. Los Angeles hosted the first event earlier this year, allowing the media a detailed preview of what’s to come in the second half of 2019. A third event is scheduled for September 11 in San Francisco.

Network presenters at today’s Podfront will include Cadence13, ESPN, iHeartRadio, NPR, PodcastOne, Stitcher, and Wondery. Authentic and Podcast Media Marketing will be onsite hosting meetings as well. Detroit’s brand partnership potential is expected to be a topic of discussion, from untapped advertising opportunities to why podcasts could be a perfect fit for the Motor City’s automotive and tech industries. It may be too late to attend in person, but be sure to check back here for updates!

Visualize It: Podcast Production in Half the Time

Today’s guest article explains (with pictures!) how to save time editing your show. Podcast host and data visualization designer Alli Torban is an expert in breaking down information, but she needed more hours in the day. She shares how she cut her production time in half, using successful show structures as a guide.

Hours spent editing are a familiar frustration, but simplifying the process is possible with an analytic eye. Studying the patterns of engaging audio stories can reveal insight worth applying. An entertainment segment serves a different purpose than an inspirational one, but what does that mean for planning an episode? Find out with the help of clear visual aids, which we find as satisfying as the smooth surface of a new jar of peanut butter. Mmm, data.

Apple Eyes Original Podcasts

In a bid to counter the growing strength of Spotify, Apple has reached out to producers about funding original podcasts. It’s a notable step that’s made waves: Following a Bloomberg report on Apple’s plans for its own exclusive shows, Spotify stock shares dropped slightly on Tuesday. The details of the in-house programming strategy are not yet clear, though Bloomberg says Apple plans to strike “the kind of deals it didn’t make before.”

The move is preceded by Apple dividing its iTunes app, a default for nearly two decades, into Music, TV, and Podcasts. Editor-curated categories are a new addition to familiar functions like managing the episode library. The app distinctions are in effect as of macOS Catalina, the latest operating system unveiled in June.

Apple’s building up steam with good reason: Spotify’s spent about $400 million acquiring podcast companies and recently landed an exclusive content deal with Barack and Michelle Obama. That’s some serious star power. Apple may have “all but invented” the podcasting business, but defending it is another matter. The market senses winds of change, and everyone wants to keep their kite in the air.

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  • Comparison is the thief of podcasting satisfaction: Measuring benchmarks against other shows rarely reveals actionable data. Compete with yourself: If you’re growing listener rates and seeing results, consider your project a success. Episode launch trajectories can track your own performance.
  • Quick-start WordPress for podcast sites: With WP, the options are endless but important. Beyond theme and layout, consider accessibility for all, embedded audio, and reduced user friction. Check out this clear, centralized home page example, explained, plus guidance around pitfalls.
  • Southern California Public Radio launches podcast studio :  LAist Studios will develop fiction and nonfiction narrative podcasts around Los Angeles-specific issues, from “established stars to up-and-comers and underrepresented creators,” per a press release. The station acquired LAist’s namesake digital news site last year.
  • Podcast Movement registration prices go up tonight :  PM19 is less than a month away, and over 3,000 of your closest podcast friends (or future friends) will be there. Register by midnight tonight to attend at the lowest possible price!

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