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PodMov Daily: Wednesday, July 24

Episode 7: Your Mid-Week Podspeak

Podcast Makeover Episode Critique: Raising Your Paws

Get glam this Wednesday with a Podcast Makeover guest article from Seth Resler. Seth is the digital strategist at Jacobs Media and a 20-year broadcasting veteran. Having produced and hosted six podcasts, he’s a passionate advocate for the space and known for his valuable constructive criticism. In this Podcast Makeover feature, he’s gathered feedback from three fellow aircheckers on a single episode.

The spotlight’s on Raising Your Paws, a pet parent resource podcast hosted by Susan Frank. Episode 39 covers the emotions we share with our pets, plus how to tell when cats are anxious. It’s a warm, informative conversation that elicited detailed feedback from experts Shannon CasonRob Greenlee, and Steve Reynolds. Listen to the episode and check out the commentary — we learn something new every time.

If you’ll be attending PM19, you can watch one of these sessions live on stage! Even better, your podcast might just be chosen for the critique. Submissions are due by this Sunday, July 28, so if you haven’t yet decided which potential masterpiece to submit, now’s the time.

The Latest Developments: Apple vs. Spotify

The Apple versus Spotify podcasting tug-of-war shows no signs of a Kool-Aid break. Voxnest began tracking the action in March and has been taking regular note of developments. A primary move on Spotify’s part was the rollout of enhanced podcast listening on their site. As of June, music and podcasts have been organized into distinct tabs for a “seamless, personalized” experience. A podcasting content partnership with Barack and Michelle Obama was another landmark deal that made headlines.

Meanwhile, Apple tightened its grip on the competition rope with a surprise announcement on June 16. Via Bloomberg, the world learned of Apple’s plans to fund original podcasts. (Our PodMov Daily coverage is archived here.) Earlier in the Machiavellian month of June? The latest operating system, macOS Catalina, was unveiled. It separates the iTunes app into Music, TV, and Podcasts. Sounds familiar. Buying exclusive rights to existing podcasts may be in the cards as well.

The latest Voxnest update, out today, covers Spotify’s post-stock dip domination of the Netherlands, Germany, and Bulgaria. It notes that the company’s “dominance of Germany is particularly important” due to rapid listener growth. German engagement has captured the interest of Acast, a podcast marketplace, and The Infinite Dial, a podcast insights study by Edison Research. Both will have opened Berlin offices by September. The map below, based on Voxnest audience network data, visualizes the great Green Team vs. Purple Team summer slam.

Boost Your SEO with Transcripts and Audiograms

To grow a listener base, making your podcast more discoverable is essential. SEO, or search engine optimization, can help you get there. (A quick, basic SEO primer: One can “optimize,” or increase, the likelihood of their podcast showing up in search results. An efficiently organized website that uses keywords and regularly puts out quality content will reach more people.)

Content strategist and podcast librarian Ma’ayan Plaut has written a clear, actionable article on how to make it happen. It outlines how to use transcripts, audiograms, and tags to enhance engagement with new and existing listeners. “Creating relevant accompanying content to your podcast means there are more touchpoints for someone to learn about you, your show, and importantly, start listening,” Ma’ayan explains.

These touchpoints don’t just boost your traffic, however. Tools like transcripts and audiograms make your podcast accessible to listeners of all abilities, which is reason enough to get started. Learn what it takes to create and organize materials that amplify your show’s content around the world.

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Tearm PM

And the podcasting — I swear to you — on its worst day, the podcasts are better than our best films. Because they’re more imaginative, and there’s no artifice, and it’s far more real.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Respect and visibility: Juleyka Lantigua-Williams, creator and executive producer of 70 Million, thoughtfully explains how to center marginalized people in your podcast. Avoiding assumptions, prioritizing consent, and communicating with transparency are key in this informal, valuable guide.
  • Acoustic treatment on a budget: Audio issues can be complicated and expensive for a podcaster to fix. Learn about how to avoid subpar sound with clear explanations and troubleshooting. Tips on DIY soundproofing, an infographic on reverb, and closet recording (yes or no?) can all be found here.
  • Sliding episodes into your DMs: Paige Hymson, podcast producer at The L.A. Timeschecked in with interns ages 20-27. Turns out they love sharing podcasts with each other via direct (private) message on social media. Millennial and Gen Z friendships are putting the “buds” in “earbuds.” Aww.
  • Looks good on paper: Books (yes, actual books) on podcasting are valuable tools that allow your brain to switch gears. These organized recommendations cover audio technology, journalism, drama shows, and pages in between. Evergreen advice from the experts never goes out of style, or print.

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