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PodMov Daily: Wednesday, November 13

Episode 86: Your Midweek Update

Wednesday Guest Feature: Podcasting Professor and DJ Amani Roberts

This Wednesday’s guest feature is from Cal State – Fullerton professor and professional DJ Amani Roberts. In this article about the intersection of teaching and podcasting, Roberts shares how he’s used podcasts to prepare for the classroom and to help his students learn.

Roberts credits The Cult of Pedagogy podcast by Jennifer Gonzalez with being “the perfect place to start” as an incoming professor. He now uses podcasts in his higher education courses and has found that audio-based learning helps meet students’ needs. As a volunteer instructor at Camp Spin-Off, Roberts helped implement podcasting as an activity for campers 13 – 17 years old — with great success.

“Along the way, audio has led me to become a better educator, increased retention and efficiency for my business school students, and enriched the lives of aspiring DJs,” Roberts writes. His piece is full of helpful resources, encouraging stories, and compassionate teaching tools.

PM's Weekly Community Recap: Highlighting Our Podcasting Veterans

This week we’re honoring the veterans in our PM family, whether they’re producing podcasts or behind the mic. We’re highlighting shows like The 80’s Hour Podcast with Juan Aleman II, The Apex Podcast with Jan Almasy, and more.

We’re also showing love to two specific PM community members who are featured in our mini documentaries from PM19. Attendee Lacey Langford and speaker Mikelah Rose sat down with Creators Group to share their podcasting stories. New mini docs will be uploaded to our YouTube channel each week.

Do you have a topic you want to share at Evolutions in LA this February? This is the last week to submit proposals for consideration. Submissions close on Friday, and all applicants will be contacted by December 13. Find more information on the submission process here.

Will Podcasts Distinguish HBO Max on the Streaming Battlefield?

Will podcasts give HBO Max the edge it needs to compete against Netflix and Disney? Stephen Lovely of The Motley Fool figures that HBO’s decision to make podcasts could be a significant advantage in the video-on-demand subscriber battle.

HBO is currently only planning podcasts about its own shows, many of which have been wildly popular. Lovely points out that the podcasts’ success will help the network differentiate between casual and dedicated fans: “All of this could inform the next original show or movie that HBO Max puts out — which, in turn, could have its own affiliated podcast, renewing the virtuous cycle.”

“Whether HBO Max’s subscribers are interested in audio content remains to be seen, but success would help the service gain insights into the nature of fan bases and shows,” Lovely explains. “Podcasts don’t require huge budgets, so this could be a very cost-effective way to gain an edge in the all-important original-content wars.”

Happy Wednesday, readers, and thank you to those that have submitted proposals to speak at Evolutions. Unlike Podcast Movement, all sessions at February’s LA event will be based on new trends, technology or topics. It’s a deep dive into the latest and greatest — do you have what it takes to build the future?

This is your opportunity to submit to lead a presentation. Proposals are due by this Friday, November 15.


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Here's what else is going on:

  • Hourlong vacation: Cole Escola and Jo Firestone are the lead writers of the podcast National Lampoon Radio Hour, premiering December 19. The comedy institution partnered with Forever Dog Podcast Network to produce 11 episodes. Amy Sedaris and Jordan Klepper are on deck as featured guests.
  • Getting vocal: Rose Minutaglio of ELLE spoke to Laura Beil, former medical reporter and host of Wondery megahits Dr. Death and Bad Batch, about Biel’s “transition to audio from print journalism, the future of true crime content in a frenetic digital age, and her secret sauce to producing a hit podcast.”
  • Lucky quarter: Radio Ink reports that broadcasting company and radio network Entercom, which bought Cadence13 and Pineapple Street Media in August, “expects its podcasting division to break even and generate close to $50 million this year” after turning in a “strong third quarter,” up 2% in revenue.
  • Attention pays: Rachel Downey of Share Your Genius makes a strong case for branded podcasts and their power to reach audiences in “unreachable moments.” Although “94% of listeners consume podcasts while performing other tasks,” marketers skeptical of listener engagement are missing out.

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