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PodMov Daily: Wednesday, October 30

Episode 76: Your Midweek Update

Featured Interview: David Locke, Founder of the Locked On Podcast Network

This Wednesday’s guest feature is an interview with David Locke. Locke, the radio voice of the Utah Jazz, founded the Locked On Podcast Network in 2016. What began as one show, Locked On Jazz, has grown into a wide-reaching world of sports audio.

Over 130 shows cater to fans every weekday, which sets Locked On apart. Their in-depth coverage of NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL and major college sports teams have led to 6 million listens per month.

We spoke to Locke about the beginnings of the network, its advertising strategy, and the talented podcasters that make sure insights, interviews, news and perspective are fresh and always on deck.

PM's Weekly Community Update Recap: Halloween Edition

This week we’re looking back to PM19, specifically to attendees Alban Brooke and Quincy and Sharita Humphrey. Each week we’re going to be adding mini documentaries to our official YouTube channel, so be on the lookout.

Taking a step into the future now: Registration for Evolutions in LA is now open, as well as hotel booking for PM20 in Dallas. Hotels fill up fast, so be sure to beat the bunch before they sell out.

As October comes to a close, we’re highlighting the month’s 28-Day Launch Your Podcast Challenge. Class members such as Michelle Koe Page of Unbreakable Moms and Stephane Jutras of Divorced Dad Diaries launched their shows and we couldn’t be more proud. Cheers!

Young Talent: The University of Florida's Inaugural WUFT Student Podcast Challenge

The inaugural WUFT Student Podcast Challenge is in full swing. The contest, open to high school students, is sponsored by WUFT Radio, the Summer Media Institute at the University of Florida, and the Florida Scholastic Press Association.

Following the carefully developed rules set by the NPR Student Podcast Challenge, the WUFT contest can be on any topic. Some submissions may be broadcast on WUFT and affiliated radio stations across Florida. First, second and third place winners will earn cash prizes.

Stay tuned next week for a Q&A featuring Nora O’Neill, a program associate at the Summer Media Institute, about the origins and impact of this opportunity for young creators. Submissions will be accepted through November 27.

Happy Wednesday, readers. To those of you that participated in October’s 28-Day podcast launch challenge, thank you! Interested in joining November’s group? It all begins Friday.

Check out these freshly launched podcast success stories as you make your game plan. We’re here for you, every step of the way. What magic can you create in 28 days?


Team PM

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Here's what else is going on:

  • Long goodbye: Steve Ackerman, Managing Director of London-based production company Somethin’ Else, spoke to Radio Today about how to overcome Brexit-related apprehension in audio. “At the heart creativity is risk-taking,” says. “Unfortunately, uncertainty hinders risk-taking.”
  • Ding ding: Newsweek caught up with wrestling star and commentator Cory Graves about hosting After the Bell, WWE’s first podcast. Premiering today, the first episode features Triple H alonside Graves’ “experience, knowledge and sharp-tongue” known on WWE television.
  • Scoring points: Rob Rosenthal, teacher, producer, and host of Howsound, shares a maneuver to improve audio scoring. Read or listen to learn how to “bisect the fade” so that “nearly every time you fade music under narration or quotes, it will sound very close to what you’re looking for.”
  • Sown seeds: Forbes reports that Spotify is starting to see returns on its podcasting investments: Earlier this week “the company’s stock value went up 15% after a surprise report of profit. This is the third time in history the company has turned a profit (about $60 million).”

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