What Makes a Culturally Sensitive Podcast Interview?


PodMov Daily: Tuesday, December 1

Episode 327: Testing, One Two-sday

What Makes a Culturally Sensitive Podcast Interview?

We’ve all been there. During an interview for her podcast Invisible India, Jessica Kumar made a statement ‘on air’ that didn’t quite hit the mark. “Living in India for all these years and learning fluent Hindi still didn’t save me from inserting my white, American perspective into this particular interview,” she recalls. Now what?

“Fortunately, there are strategies you can use to avoid culturally insensitive blunders like mine,” Kumar points out. She explains how to ask open-ended questions, recognize and check your assumptions, and — most importantly — apologize when you mess up: “The time to acknowledge a mistake is in the moment.”

Invisible India, which Kumar hosts with her husband, Abhishek, helps listeners navigate the complexities of Indian culture. She’s learned that off-base mistakes can be learning opportunities. “No matter what kind of podcast you make, there may be times when you say the wrong thing. It’s how you handle it that matters.”

Exploring Cross-Promotion Outside Your Comfort Zone

The market for podcast cross-promotion is massive, writes Jenna Spinelle. “At what point are we all shouting into the void, and how can you avoid it?” Spinelle, the host and producer of Democracy Works, explains why podcasters should reconsider ‘playing it safe.’ Engaging matches are unlikely to be obvious.

“The best cross-promotional partners are the shows that are in your neighborhood, but maybe not your next-door neighbors,” Spinelle writes. For her podcast about democracy, she considers listeners’ adjacent interests. Collaborating with shows about government leadership and capitalism netted positive feedback.

Spinelle suggests a strategy from Lauren Passell of Tink Media, who presented tips at PM Virtual. “When she’s working with clients, she makes sure to ask them what they’re interested in outside of their show. This small touch leads to some really interesting pairings and exposure opportunities that are truly unique.”

Build Your Audio Skills with Mike Russell’s Best of Podcasting Playlist

Pro audio producer Mike Russell’s tutorials on branding, podcasting, and video editing have been favorites in the audio world for years, and he's famous for wowing audiences at conferences like Podcast Movement and Adobe MAX.

Today, his Adobe Audition classes are available for creators everywhere. Mike’s best-of compilation for podcasting is now on the Music Radio Creative YouTube channel. 16 tutorials cover everything from noise reduction (removing wind noise, mic pops, plosives, hiss and static) to editing tips that save hours. 

Podcast production is complex, but Mike makes it easy to build skills at every level. Ready to have a great-sounding podcast and more fun making it? Tune in to learn how to use advanced features, streamline your workflow, and get the most out of Audition.

You have to accept whatever comes, and the only important thing is that you meet it with the best you have to give.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Circle up: Tomorrow at 10:00 am CT, Africa Podfest co-directors Melissa Mbugua and Josephine Karianjahi will lead  “How to Find and Nurture Your Podcasting Community.” The free talk centers on building supportive networks. From PRX and the Google Podcasts creator program.
  • Custom fit: The fact that you can buy podcasting at scale is diversifying monetization options for indie creators, says Edison Research SVP Tom Webster. “The independents are 100% competing with the larger networks — but for time and attention, not necessarily the same dollars.”
  • Whole person: Podbean’s first Podcast Wellness Week continues through Friday. The free event is focused on mental and physical health. Curated programming includes live-streamed sessions, deep-dive panels, daily yoga and meditations, and exclusive pre-released podcast episodes.

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