Why ‘1000 True Fans’ is More Relevant Than Ever


PodMov Daily: Thursday, January 21

Episode 355: Your Thursday Podthoughts

Why ‘1000 True Fans’ is More Relevant Than Ever

After nearly 950 episodes of The Unmistakable Creative, author and podcaster Srinivas Rao knows this: “What’s been true since the beginning of time is just as true today: mastery not metrics is what leads to a sustainable creative career.” In a fragmented media landscape, quality fans accept only quality work.

In 2008, Wired editor Kevin Kelly wrote that 1,000 true fans would enable one to make a living on the internet. “You can reach a million people, but if they don’t give a sh*t, don’t come back, or wouldn’t miss you if you were gone, then you’re not going to build a career,” Rao says. Loyalty still has nothing to do with size or volume.

When virtually everyone has access to a microphone, an individual voice can only hope to resonate with a select few listeners. As Edison Research SVP Tom Webster told podcasters last week, “Being “known” is out of your control. Start with being known for something. And have that something be excellence.”

Podchaser’s Plans for a Comprehensive Database

Fresh off a $4 million funding round, Podchaser is ramping up construction on its “IMDb for podcasts.” Anthony Ha of TechCrunch spoke with the startup’s CEO Bradley Davis, who shared plans for the “vibrant, exciting community of podcast nerds.” 8.5 million podcast credits have already been created in the database.

Ha explains in a nutshell, “Users can look up who’s appeared in which podcasts, rate and review those podcasts and add them to lists.” Future plans, including a gamification system, will center on user input. A separate product allows podcast players access to its credits as well, giving listeners a built-in web of information.

Podchaser is also an organizer of Podcast Taxonomy, a global project setting definitions across the industry. Davis says, “I think if we are successful at standardizing a lot of the terminology, and if we do an analysis of all podcasts, of how popular they are, that [will help many listeners] to cull and find the good stuff.”

Spreaker Prime: Powerful Monetization, Made Easy

Spreaker is so much more than a full-service podcasting platform. For creators who are serious about monetizing their content, the Spreaker Prime Program is a game-changing solution. It harnesses the power of programmatic advertising to maximize revenue, increase exposure, and streamline publishing.

Designed for consistent creators with 5,000+ monthly downloads, Prime is packed with major benefits. Users have access to Spreaker’s cutting-edge programmatic advertising tools, an expert live-reads sales team, free hosting on the Anchorman plan, priority customer care, and marketing support.

Between January and November 2020, Spreaker Prime’s programmatic ad revenue grew by +451%. It’s not just the easiest way for podcasters to earn money. Prime helps nurture and grow your podcast for long-term earning success.

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Here's what else is going on:

  • Grown up: Happy 20th birthday to podcasting! Podnews goes back to the beginning with Eric Nuzum, a true podcast pioneer and co-founder of Magnificent Noise. Within the story of Dave Winer and Adam Curry, Nuzum reveals that the very first feed “contained one item.” Any guesses?
  • Hot wheels: The Pro Tools DAW is “more machine” than most podcasts really need, says Kateri Jochum, executive producer of audio for The Wall Street Journal. As told to Hot Pod’s Aria Bracci, “I liken it to having a Ferrari and giving it to your grandmother so she can drive to the supermarket.” 
  • Good question: Starting February 28, award-winning producer Sayre Quevedo (VICE, The Daily, Latino USA) will teach “Interviewing for Podcasting: Approaches, Tools and Techniques.” The four-week online workshop covers both execution and ethics. Presented by NYC’s 92nd Street Y.
  • Mystery box: A podcast description needs more than SEO keywords, explains Lauren Popish, CEO of The Wave Podcasting. “Give listeners enough details to intrigue them, but don’t answer all their questions.” However, there are three that should always be addressed for a potential audience. 

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