Why Be Hopeful for the Podcasting Ecosystem in 2022?


PodMov Daily: Tuesday, December 7

Episode 550: Testing, One Two-sday

Why Be Hopeful for the Podcasting Ecosystem in 2022?

Despite this year’s corporate arms race, Kerri Hoffman has renewed hope for public media and independent podcasting in 2022. Writing for Nieman Lab, the PRX CEO lays out what’s wrong and what might be done to fix it: “As the energy of rebellion loses steam, dissatisfaction can provide needed clarity as we look ahead.”

Major platforms have made headway toward ‘dominating the industry,’ and the paywall trend isn’t going away. Still, at least three developments support a healthy ecosystem: Apple and Spotify launching subscription monetization, podcasts’ expansion from niche to mainstream, and the (still) strong demand for public media.

“A refusal to conduct business as usual is where seeds of change are planted,” Hoffman says. Next year’s on-demand content market doesn’t have to grow in one direction. “We have a radical opportunity to democratize media — opening a frequently closed system to new voices, ideas, technologies, and audiences.”

How to Spend Wisely on Podcast Promotion

Jack Rhysider’s first recommendation isn’t to spend money on podcast ads. Launched in 2017, his show Darknet Diaries was downloaded over 15 million times last year alone. His advice? “If you insist on paying to market your show, the very first thing you should spend money on is making your show better.”

This isn’t about equipment, Rhysider says. “I mean take classes, get mentorship, take a workshop, travel to conferences, buy books. Because the more interesting your show is, the more people will listen.” He details all of the above, plus tips for social media, cross-promotions, and ads within podcast players.

Above all, creators should take this to heart: “There absolutely is a convenience fee for people who don't know how to market.” Reading Seth Godin or Eric Nuzum is the smartest up-front investment a podcaster can make. Our second favorite strategy is a DIY classic: “Pass out stickers everywhere.”

Pod People: Better Podcasts Start with the Perfect Team 

When audio projects meet the right professionals, it’s magic. Pod People’s Matchmaking services offer white-glove staffing for contract-to-hire roles across the industry. With a global community of nearly 2,000 creators, finding ideal candidates is simple, fast, and reliable.

Pod People specializes in sourcing the best Producers, Journalists, Editors, Engineers, Sound Designers, and more across the audio industry. Each step of the process ensures a perfect fit, starting with a curated shortlist of candidates for each role.

For audio professionals, Pod People’s free community is a world of opportunity. Perks include resources, events, mentorship, networking — and the ears of companies like Spotify, Netflix, and Wondery. Ready to meet your match? Whether you’re looking to hire or be hired, better partnerships start here.

Courage can't see around corners, but goes around them anyway.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Nice try: How easy is it to get a commercial song cleared for a podcast? Podnews asked Winslow Bright, a music supervisor for film, audiobooks, and podcasts. Alas, 30-second clips don’t magically fly under the radar. “Who on the internet said that? That’s not true — that’s definitely not true.”
  • Group chat: Tomorrow at 8:45 am ET/3:45 pm CAT is “Podcasting and Women in Africa,” a free panel talk from the African Women in Media Conference. Speakers including Kim Fox and Melissa Mbugua will discuss entering audio, empowerment, and tips for creators. RSVP required.
  • Little ears: Podcasts and hamsters were top content trends for children this year. Major companies are catching up fast, a gaming executive tells Kidscreen. “The only thing holding audio back is discoverability, but with a growing range of studio and curation models, even that is getting better.”
  • Stay smooth: It’s about that time, allergy sufferers. NPR announcer Jessica Hansen shares her tips for sounding healthy despite colds, flu, and other voice-affecting afflictions. Solutions include hydrogen peroxide, saline spray, and manuka honey. For some reason, that last one is very NPR. 

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