Why Should Creators Support the Podcast Index?


PodMov Daily: Tuesday, July 13

Episode 460: Testing, One Two-sday

Why Should Creators Support the Podcast Index?

The time for creators to start supporting ‘Podcasting 2.0’ is now, writes Evo Terra in Podcast Pontifications. The concept may be vague, or seem inapplicable, for most. But while major platforms are focused on competing with each other, podcasters have an opportunity to collectively build an open, stable infrastructure.

In a nutshell, the goal of the Podcast Index is to become an alternative to Apple’s database. Apps and directories would then have a comprehensive source to pull from, uninfluenced by the interests of a corporation. New “namespace tags” allow podcasters to include more details and extend their RSS feeds.

Terra explains (with minimal “technogeek” language) how to get involved. For more background, we recommend Stephanie Fuccio’s breakdown of the Index specifically for independent podcasters. In turn, she suggests Dave Jackson’s accessible interview with the 2.0 project’s co-founder, Adam Curry, on The School of Podcasting.

How to Keep (and Impress) Your Advertisers

Keeping an existing advertiser is far better than finding a new one. How can podcasters increase their chances of a satisfying campaign? This Tuesday, True Native Media founder Heather Osgood reveals exactly what to focus on, and what to expect, once that contract has been signed and the pressure’s on.

How can advertisers be set up with realistic expectations? What types of measurement are they looking for? What can be done to help boost performance mid-campaign? Osgood offers actionable tips that will help creators communicate their value — even when an advertiser is on the fence about renewing. 

This article concludes Osgood’s three-part expert series, following “Podcast Preparedness: Is Your Show Ready To Take On Advertisers?” and “Effective Strategy for Sponsor Outreach.” Always stay a few steps ahead, she says. “Successful partnerships begin with preparation, and I look forward to being your guide.”

Learn, Create, and Grow with WordPress.com Courses

WordPress.com Courses offer everything you need to build a strong foundation in podcasting, blogging, or both — straight from the experts. Whether you’re an aspiring podcaster (or looking to improve your blogging skills), a world-class, on-demand course is the smartest way to learn at your own pace.

Podcasting for Beginners and Blogging for Beginners include live support-team Q&As, private online communities, and more. New podcasters will have access to over six hours of video tutorials throughout the course. With monetization wisdom from leaders like PM19 keynote speaker Patrice Washington, education is power.

Those with established audiences can benefit as well, earning 80% affiliate commission on WordPress.com course sales. Ready to launch your next creative journey? Enjoy 50% off course registration with code PODMOVE50 at checkout.

Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Block party: Congratulations to VENT Documentaries, named Podcast of the Year at the 2021 British Podcast Awards. Also the winner of Smartest Podcast and Best Documentary, the “brilliantly engaging” series gives “insight into real lives as lived by young people” in one London borough.
  • Career day: With over 10,500 retweets as of Monday evening, Arielle Nissenblatt’s casually shared show idea reveals how podcasts resonate in the mainstream. To be fair, it’s a terrific pitch with universally poignant, comedic potential (and multiple offers from production companies).
  • High volume: On Thursday at 2:00 pm ET, Libsyn will host “Audio Interfaces for Podcasters.” Dan Hughley of Focusrite will join Libsyn Community Manager Elsie Escobar for an overview of audio interfaces, their use in podcasting, and getting started. Includes a Q&A. Free registration.
  • Quick Stop: Kevin Smith’s SModcastle podcast theater saw a strong opening weekend in New Jersey. The “Clerks” director opened the original venue in Los Angeles in 2010 as a place to host live episodes. Smith’s weekly show SModcast, launched in 2007, shares his films’ cult following.

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