Why Should Podcasters Read Advice for Guests?


PodMov Daily: Friday, April 23

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Why Should Podcasters Read Advice for Guests?

Pre-interview preparation often means looking for ways to connect with a guest. ‘Guest guides,’ like this one by Alex Greenwood (Mysterious Goings On, PR After Hours), can help podcasters understand the other side. As you perform routine research, think about your guest’s current perspective as well.

In a reassuring way, Greenwood advises against asking for a ‘do-over.’ Right there, he reveals something your guest is likely nervous about: “If you say something you did not mean to say or zone out, say so and correct the record right there on the show. We’re all human, and the audience will roll with it if you do!”

These tips don’t just help put guests at ease in the moment. They can inform practices that make you a better host. “Sending a prepared intro increases the odds they will intro you the way you want,” Greenwood counsels. Hey, you’ve just learned how to prevent a common worry. Less tension, more conversation.

Apple Subscriptions Raise More Questions Than Answers

Subscriptions at Apple Podcasts have left just about everyone in the ecosystem with questions. For many, ‘What happens next?’ won’t be simple to answer. Ashley Carman of The Verge speaks with podcasters, as well as leadership at other subscription platforms, about the decisions they’re making and why. 

“It seems almost certain that with Apple supporting and caring about subscriptions, more people than ever before will be paying for shows,” Carman predicts. For smaller podcasters to benefit, they’ll need to get creative with solutions. The inability to reach subscribers may be a tough tradeoff.

Matt Kolowski (70mm) says that Patreon and Discord have been “so rewarding” for hosts as well. “Without being able to foster that…is almost like a blocker for the Apple subscriptions. I’d really love for them to realize that a sense of community is such a huge part of creating a fun podcast experience.”

PodRoom: Chat Rooms for Connection and Podcast Discovery

For creators and listeners, the podcast experience is all about connection. PodRoom integrates full-featured chat rooms and video content within the podcast app, bringing the community together and equipping creators with tools that assist them on their creative journey.

On the Discovery page, podcasters can promote their content by posting 40-second snippets that link interested listeners directly to the full episode. Listeners love PodRoom for more than its user-friendly interface. They can find local content, meet fellow fans, and even support their favorite podcasters with donations.

Ready to be discovered? It’s time to post podcast snippets and publish your video content on https://www.podroom.live. Visit @podroompodcast on Twitter and IG and download the app to join over 5,000 global creators and listeners.

The right word may be effective, but no word was ever as effective as a rightly timed pause.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Solid advice: The new Apple Podcasts Connect has been plagued with technical issues, as explained by Podnews. “We would recommend NOT logging in at this time.” It wasn’t possible to submit a new show as of yesterday, and some podcasters have reported theirs temporarily missing.
  • Choose kindness: “Podcasting support teams are the unsung heroes IMO,” says Elsie Escobar of Libsyn on Twitter. “If you have ever had an interaction w/ a support team in any podcast hosting platform, give them a shout-out. They deserve it, even if you feel you didn't get [the] support.”
  • Cash flow: Riverside.fm has secured a $9.5 million funding round from investors including Guy Raz. The rollout includes a new iPhone app and software updates, reports Brian Heater of TechCrunch. Launched in 2019, the podcast recording platform introduced video in November. 
  • Home equity: A group of 45 employees has unionized at American Public Media’s Marketplace. Hosts, reporters, producers, and audio engineers across all nine shows, including Marketplace and This is Uncomfortable, began the bargaining process in December under SAG-AFTRA.

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