YouTube Is Hiring a Manager for Its Millions of Podcasts


PodMov Daily: Wednesday, October 6

Episode 514: Your Midweek Update

YouTube Is Hiring a Manager for Its Millions of Podcasts

YouTube will be hiring an executive to oversee its podcasting business, reports Lucas Shaw of Bloomberg. It looks like the largest podcast discovery platform will finally leverage that power: This new executive will be “in charge of organizing and managing the millions of podcasts that already exist on the site.”

With this move, the company is capitalizing on the idea that took the podcast industry so long to accept — podcasts on YouTube are podcasts. It’s about time, Shaw says. “YouTube has thus far done little to customize its app or website for podcast listeners, with teams on the mobile apps division at Google handling the work.”

In August, Tom Webster wrote that “being on YouTube, however you choose to do it, is potentially a force-multiplier for podcasters.” It’s also true that distinguishing between podcasts and video, however they choose to do it, is a guaranteed force-multiplier for YouTube. Give the people what they want, and monetize it.

Why Apple Podcasts Beats Spotify in Listener Loyalty

Audience shares on Apple Podcasts vs. Spotify tend to follow a pattern that’s confusing at first. Producer and consultant Nick Hilton suspects that the ebb and flow comes down to the structure of each platform — Apple peaks early and trails off, while Spotify shows steady growth that eventually outpaces the former.

This summer, Hilton released a second season of his show after a yearlong hiatus. Listener loyalty is essential for those that take breaks (i.e., most independent shows), a behavior that Apple Podcasts supports. Rebranded though on the same feed, the new season attracted original ‘followers’ with little dropoff.

“Apple Podcasts gets a bad rap because the UX is unfriendly and its market share has been devoured by Very Hungry Competitors,” Hilton says. “But it’s still sticky; anyone who’s using Apple Podcasts in 2021 is committed to it and blind to alternatives.” His theory is anecdotal but clearly useful based on what we know.

Listen App, the First Event Platform for Podcasters

While it was inspired by podcasters, social audio wasn’t built for them. Listen App brings the strengths of social audio to podcasting, while keeping community engagement front and center. It’s the first event platform dedicated to podcasters, their listeners, and what keeps them connected.

Instead of measuring downloads or live-room participants, Listen App allows creators to succeed through impact. Listener clubs can be free or paid through subscription-based monetization, an effective model for large and niche shows alike. The type and frequency of events is up to the creator’s imagination.

Podcast listeners want to engage live with their favorite creators, not an algorithm. Listen App has no ads or intrusive data collection — just a beautiful interface for meaningful conversations. On the web, iOS, or Android, it’s easy to meet fans where they are. 

When you have a great audience, you can just keep going and finding new things.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Prove it: The much-hyped Fireside Chat has officially launched, though only pre-vetted professionals can take the stage. According to Sarah Perez of TechCrunch, Mark Cuban’s app is attempting to combine the engagement of live shows with the financial perks of repurposed content.
  • Truth hurts: Gimlet’s Heavyweight is becoming a Spotify exclusive. Five years in, the decision has angered loyal fans by introducing (rather than resolving) a tough question: Why? Ashley Carman explains the unfortunate answer: Spotify “wants to own the entire advertising pipeline.”
  • Secret sauce: ‘Super Producer’ Marissa Melnyk specializes in polishing comedy podcasts to perfection — free-flowing shows like All Fantasy Everything and Why Won’t You Date Me? would be unrecognizable without her. Celeste Kaufman of reveals how the magic happens.
  • Our planet: “Having a podcast marketing plan with Latinos is a smart business decision because they are the future,” says Gabriel Soto of Edison Research. In Sounds Profitable, the Latino Podcast Listener Report co-author explains why it’s time to prioritize a rapidly growing audience.

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