Podcasts Are Live on YouTube


PodMov Daily: Monday, August 22

Episode 706: Your Monday Mix

Podcasts Are Live on YouTube

YouTube.com/Podcasts is live as a simple Explore page in the US, reports Abner Li of 9to5Google. The interface is still “very rudimentary,” essentially a browser for standard video thumbnails, with expandable carousels for popular episodes, playlists, creators, and recommendations. 

This development is in line with YouTube’s podcast publisher presentation obtained by Podnews in March. The page itself is all we have for now – Li says it appears to have gone live late last month. YouTube spokesperson Paul Pennington today confirmed its US-only availability, but that’s about it.

With podcast infrastructure starting to take shape, we’re likely to learn more soon. The presentation suggested an integration with RSS feeds, new search and discovery tools, analytics for audio-first creators, and plans for audio ads. Another hot topic, just in time for Podcast Movement tomorrow.

Vocaster: Studio Sound Meets Effortless Podcasting

With Vocaster, Focusrite is transforming the podcasting experience. The all-new line of USB interfaces is designed specifically for podcasters, combining crystal-clear audio with effortless operation. Whether you’re a solo or collaborative creator, one of two models will perfectly fit the way you work.

Vocaster is light, portable, and powered by your computer. Resonate calls it “a great leap into podcasting technology,” with intuitive features like Auto Gain to set levels quickly and easily, and Enhance to polish your voice in one click. Named Best in Show at NAMM 2022, Vocaster is the key to your best show yet. 

As the world’s best-selling audio interface brand, Focusrite delivers the freedom to podcast without barriers. Ready to hear what’s new? Explore all Vocaster has to offer, including two studio bundles to round out your equipment dream team.

Visualization works if you work hard. That’s the thing. You can’t just visualize and go eat a sandwich.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Launch date: Strap in, y’all – PM22 kicks off tomorrow. The last event update includes virtual and in-person registration details, new speakers and sessions, and an overview of this year’s powerhouse keynotes: Phoebe Judge of Criminal, Laci Mosley of Scam Goddess, and many more, all in one place.
  • Summer camp: Thanks again to Justin Jackson Transistor.fm for gathering tips to make the most of Podcast Movement. Event veterans say to arrive early if possible, prep an answer to ‘What are you working on?,’ engage meaningfully with speakers, and invite others for impromptu hangouts.
  • Great minds: Speakers for the first Multitude Podcasting Conference on September 9 include Ashley Carman (Bloomberg), Tracy Clayton (Back Issue), and Anthony Frasier (ABF Creative). The virtual event for professional creators will focus on making a living in the industry. Registration is donation-based.
  • Writer’s block: “How to Think Structurally” from Dustlight Productions is next Wednesday, August 31. In a hands-on workshop, Creative Director Arwen Nicks will dissect what structure is, why it matters, and how to utilize it as a tool for better podcasting. $75 registration; assistance available.

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