YouTube’s Discovery Tips for Podcast Creators


PodMov Daily: Tuesday, June 21

Episode 670: Testing, One Two-sday

YouTube’s Discovery Tips for Podcast Creators

Thanks to Podnews for flagging a new video from YouTube’s Creator Insider channel. Erica, a podcast-focused strategic partner manager, drops helpful tips and FAQ answers, all to this end: “You want to make it easier for audiences to find you as they know you.”

While audio-only content is “fine” to upload, they encourage video content as well. (A static image of cover art still counts.) Monetization is the same for both audio and video, and video ads are highly recommended. Mid-rolls can be placed in videos running 8 minutes or longer.

Playlist labeling and organization are key. Each show needs a playlist that contains all of its full episodes and nothing else, including clips or other material. Don’t break up seasons into separate playlists, either. 

“Save the creative packaging for clips.” For your playlist’s title, don’t add extra words beyond the name of your show – Order your videos as you want audiences to consume them if they were starting from the top: oldest first for narrative shows, and newest first for topical.

Descriptions matter, and not just for the SEO boost. A comprehensive playlist description will play the role of your entire show description on other platforms, so be sure to give new listeners what they need at a glance. “It’s not just audiences that know you that will discover your show.”

Podnews editor James Cridland expects more podcast news within the next two months, based on YouTube’s detailed presentation leaked in March and the company’s “very visible” presence at the Podcast Show in London. YouTube is a podcast platform, and there’s no turning back.

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Happiness comes from being who you actually are instead of who you think you are supposed to be.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Nature walk: “The Art of Sound” is this Thursday, June 23. Acclaimed sound artist Dianne Ballon will present special recordings from the coast of Maine, stories of field recording, and the discovery of a ‘lost’ sound. Email friendly librarian for the Zoom link. Free registration.
  • Mind’s eye: “How to Tell Visual Stories in Sound” from Radio Boot Camp is this Sunday, June 26. 99% Invisible producer Chris Berube will discuss the challenges of podcasting about architecture, the keys to his writing process, and solutions for helping listeners see what you see. $100 registration.
  • Warp speed: “The Future of Audio Monetization” from SquadCast is coming up on June 28. Community Manager Arielle Nissenblatt and Dan Daugherty of Sounder will discuss the latest adtech that can unlock the value of episode archives, drive higher CPMs, and clarify results. Free registration.

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