Behind the Theme Music with Peter Doran – Composer of the Minimalists Podcast theme

This article was originally published in the April 2017 issue of Podster Magazine.

Behind the Theme Music with Peter Doran Composer of the Minimalists Podcast theme

PODSTER: How did your song “Every Little Thing” become the theme song for the Minimalists Podcast? 

PETER DORAN: A few years back, I discovered the Minimalists’ blog, it was an article they had written about turning 30. From there, I dove further into their writings and philosophy. I liked what they had to say. I was reading one of Joshua’s pieces one morning on a train and it struck me that my song “Every Little Thing” had the same message that these guys were putting out.  I remember thinking that Joshua might enjoy the song, so I sent him a little Twitter note and link to the tune. I wasn’t sure if he’d ever heard the song, but to my surprise, he responded pretty soon saying that he loved it. From there, he asked if they could use it for a promo-video they were producing for an upcoming tour. I was happy that the song was a good fit for what they were doing and was more than happy for them to use it. It was maybe a year or later when they started with the podcast and Joshua again reached out and asked if they could use ELT for the theme song. Again, I was more than happy for them to do so. 

PODSTER: What inspired the song? 

PETER: I think I had found myself in some kind of desire loop. I don’t know what it was for exactly. I think I had worked myself into a kind of almost panic-stricken state of want. I don’t remember if it was for anything in particular, just a feeling of something missing; it’s an unhealthy, almost obsessive state to be in and it’s no good. The song was written to counteract that feeling. 

PODSTER: Who are your musical influences? 

PETER: I have quite a lot right across the board. I started listening to heavier music and lots of instrumental guitar players then shifted towards the songwriter genre. There are some amazing Irish songwriters that floored me early on: Damien Rice, Fionn Regan, Glen Hansard, and of course the giants: Dylan, Neil Young, Leonard Cohen. Recently I’ve been enjoying Father John Misty, Andrew Bird, My Morning Jacket. I love Radiohead. This very moment I’m listening to Chris Thile & Brad Mehldau’s new record. 

PODSTER: Are you a minimalist? 

PETER: Yes, I think for the most part I am, with the only exception possibly being guitars. If I had space and the money I’d be only too happy to build up a huge collection!!!  Right now I have a collection of three very beautiful acoustics, each one with its own story. However I’ve just sold two electric guitars that had a huge sentimental value but weren’t being played anymore, so I guess that fits into the minimalist ethos. They weren’t adding value to my life. They did once, they served their time, and it was time to find new homes for them. I do plan to get another acoustic with the funds raised from the sale of these guitars. But you can be sure I will make a considered choice when picking out the new instrument.

This article was originally published in the April 2017 issue of Podster Magazine.

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