How Podcasters Can Use Large Publications to Grow Their Audience and Build Brand Credibility

As you're scrolling the Internet, you've undoubtedly come across an article from Entrepreneur, Forbes, Inc. Magazine, Fast Company, Business Insider, and other large publications. 

You recognize the names, read the articles, and may have even thought that one day you'd like to get your podcast featured by one of these publications. 

The good news is that not only can your podcast be featured, but you can also have your episodes embedded in articles that you regularly publish on the largest publications in the world. 

These name-recognizable publications get millions of visitors each day and have built a loyal fan base. When your podcast and episode content is on one of these publications, you put your podcast in the best place to reach new listeners. 

Large publications can grow your subscriber count, build your email list, add brand credibility, and help popular episodes go viral. You create growth opportunities when you go to where listeners are — large publications are an untapped growth channel for podcasters. 

Here are three reasons why large publications are an effective growth strategy for podcasters and how to use large publications to grow your audience exponentially. 

You Build Trust and Add Value

One essential element to building a successful podcast is building your audience through value and trust. The organic reach to those who know you (your warm audience) will only go so far. To scale listenership, you'll need to reach new consumers consistently. 

These cold prospects may like your covert art, but they're not sure — you haven't built that trust (just yet). One way to build trust and covert more cold listeners is through social proof that all consumers understand. That's where large publications come into play. 

Consumers know the names of these large publications and the significance of you being in them. When they see your podcast associated with these publications, it helps build trust. When consumers can listen to your episodes through large publications, it adds value. 

The combination of adding value through episodes and building trust through understood social proof leads to more listeners and better brand credibility with your current listeners. 

You'll Leverage Increased Reach and Exposure 

The stats on visitors to these large publications are incredible. For example: 

  • Inc. Magazine gets 69.19 million monthly visitors.
  • Forbes gets 121.1 million monthly visitors.
  • Entrepreneur gets 63.13 million monthly visitors.
  • Fast Company gets 40.3 million monthly visitors.
  • Business Insider gets 100.8 million monthly visitors.

Posting your episodes on social media helps bring in new listeners. Being a guest on other podcasts helps grow your reach. There are many growth strategies you can leverage, but large publications add caffeine to the process. 

Social media tends to limit organic reach, whereas your content being seen on large publications has no limits. That's not to say one hundred million people will see your podcast every time it's posted on a large publication, but it is possible. 

Large publications offer podcasters the opportunity to leverage the millions of daily visitors and add value to them through your episode content. It's a 20% growth strategy that can lead to 80% of the results. 

You Get to Repurpose Content

The beauty of content is that it can be used in multiple ways. When you create episodes, you publish them on all the podcast distribution channels. You could also repurpose them into articles, newsletters, and social media posts. 

One incredible way to repurpose podcast content is by taking your show notes, along with a podcast player, and embedding them into large publication articles. Here is an example of what it looks like:

Each episode you create can reach new listeners through large publications, and you can use this repurposing strategy without much more effort on your part. 

Use This Strategy 

There are many solid ways to build your listenership, increase downloads, and help more people discover your podcast. Large publications and the opportunities they provide is a strategy you should consider adding. 

Understand that large publications are multi-media focused — they like audio and video content and want a lot of it. We're living in the digital information age, which offers an opportunity to reach more people with less effort. You can use podcasting and audio to reach a new consumer base. 

This article is part one in a two-part series. In part two, I'm going to teach you how to get accepted as a contributor to large publications. You'll learn how to embed your audio into large publication articles and use publications to grow your podcast. 

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