How to Create the Perfect Mobile Studio and Travel the World with your Podcast – Chris Luecke

The number #1 question I receive from my podcasting peers is “What do you use to record an in-person, traveling podcast?” Selecting the right recording equipment is one of the primary challenges faced by new podcasters. For mobile equipment specifically, even experienced podcasters that are considering taking their show on the road face the same issue.

The goal of this session is to teach podcasters how to create a mobile podcasting studio, both tactically, and through the context of the personal story of starting my own podcast over 1 year ago, Pubcast Worldwide…

When I first had the idea of starting a podcast where I would interview influencers, creatives, and celebrities over drinks in bars, I started off with two $30 USB headset mics and a laptop. This setup was NOT ideal, but it gave me the momentum to test my concept, determine if I even liked podcasting, and yes, drink a few beers with cool people in the process.

Since then, my mobile recording studio has evolved into a more robust (but affordable) setup that has allowed me to interview anyone from James Beard Award-Winning chefs to tech entrepreneurs to TV stars. The format and core takeaways of this session would include:

• Intro: Personal story of starting Pubcast Worldwide – and the associated equipment – as described above

• Why you might want to consider having a mobile podcasting studio

• Recommended equipment for a mobile podcasting studio

• How to record high-quality audio, even in a noisy environment (including production tools & techniques)

• Benefits of mobile podcasting and doing an in-person format show

• Outro: Connecting with guests on a deeper level through in-person interviews, and the impact it can have on interview quality and listenership

The core content will be predominantly focused on the technical details and equipment, with personal experience and stories mixed in to make sure that the technical takeaways are memorable and that the session is engaging from start-to-finish. Thank you for the opportunity, and looking forward to hearing your feedback.

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