How to Prepare Your Podcast Media/Sales Kit for Sponsorship

Many people wonder how they can make money with their podcasts. Sponsorship is one of the answers! But before you can get to that point, you'll need a good media/sales kit for potential sponsors. This article focuses on what your media/sales kit should have and how to prepare it as you send out proposals.

What is a media kit, and why do I need one?

If a potential sponsor contacts you and asks for more information about your podcast, it's best to send them a media kit. It should contain all pertinent details about you and your podcast to compile as much information as possible for the sponsorship.

If a potential sponsor would like to make any inquiries, they should be able to find all of the information about your show on one page. A media/sales kit can also include various promotional materials such as logos, banners, and images for social media posts or email campaigns. It's never a bad idea to verify that everything in your kit has been approved by an attorney before sending it off, if possible!

You need to think through each item carefully – after all, these items are what will sell you and your podcast! Remember, there's no perfect answer when creating a sales kit, so if something doesn't feel right with yours, don't overthink it.

This article will share more of the specifics below.

How to create your media/sales kit

Your podcast media kit can be a one-sheet document or even a several-page long PowerPoint slide presentation. The best way to create a one-sheet form about your podcast is to populate a Microsoft Word or Google document with essential information regarding your show.

You also have the option to put this into a PowerPoint, Keynote, or Google Slides format.

You also can use a tool such as Canva to create a visually appealing media kit.

You can always hire a professional to help with this. Brianna Reachel Benjamin from Let's Chat Podcast is a top resource. Matt Cundill is also a member of the Podcast Movement community that helps with this. You can contact him through his company, Sound Off Media.

You can also search Upwork and Fiverr for a freelancer to help you.

What should be included in the media/sales kit?

Your media/sales kit should consist of the following information:

  • Who is your audience? What information do you know about your avatar or typical listener? An example of this is a woman named Suzy, who is a stay-at-home mom in her late 30's with two children. She cares about her family, possibly has hobbies like a green thumb. She handles the family budget, etc.
  • Your downloads/listener analytics: Listener count (unique monthly listeners). Why is this important? Sponsors need to know this specific information to determine the level of exposure and potential ROI.
  • Overall downloads: The download numbers are another way for prospective sponsors to understand your show's popularity and broad reach. Many downloads alone may not be a good predictor of whether or not you will be successful.
  • Your social media accounts: Your Facebook page, Twitter handle, Instagram account (if you have one) should be included and showcase your online presence as well! Your social media reach also determines how many impressions a podcast sponsorship can obtain.
  • Relevant information about the podcast and host(s):
    • What topics are covered? 
    • Where can people find episodes? 
    • What shows do they appear on regularly or infrequently? 
    • How long is a typical episode length? 
    • Did it take them a while to start with their show, or did they start strong from day one? Who hosts the show currently, and what other skills does he/she bring to the table in terms of storytelling, interviewing skills, editing expertise)?
  • How often do you publish new content? Are you posting a daily episode, or do your shows publish each week? Do you use the seasonal approach with a limited number of shows each season? The frequency of your content schedule can play a factor in what advertisers are the right fit and what prices are a win/win.
  • Your rates: Based on your target audience, the overall reach of your social media profiles, and frequency of episode releases (to name a few), what do you charge a sponsor to have ads on your podcast?

Why you need to include testimonials from previous sponsorships, if applicable

Testimonials are great if you have them. They provide social proof on your ability of your show to deliver positive results from ad campaigns. If you have this, it is wise to include it. 

Suppose you don't have specific testimonials about the effects of ad campaigns from your podcast. In that case, you can still consider including testimonials from respected organizations or individuals that have a positive track record from working with you.

When should I send my media/sales package out for sponsorship consideration

The ideal time to send your media/sales kit to prospective sponsors is within a few days after receiving interest in your podcast.

You'll want to have a great-looking logo on the front of your media kit if you're looking for sponsorship! A good logo is an extension of your show, and it will reflect what listeners can expect from spending their time listening.

How often should I update my media/sales package with new content or information

The ideal time to update your media/sales kit is to have new content or information that would interest the potential sponsor.

Like any other media outlet, a podcast needs to stay fresh and current with its listenership to maintain an audience. You'll want to update your Media Kit when there are updates on social media accounts such as Twitter follower numbers, Facebook likes/shares etc.-or if you've released a new episode.

If you wish to receive help with a sponsorship strategy for your podcast or have any questions about the information contained within this article, please consider asking questions in the Podcast Movement Community. We will also love to hear your recommendations if something particular is working well for you.

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