Creator Insights on Facebook and Instagram

Creator Studio

On both Facebook and Instagram, Creator Studio’s detailed insights can help you optimize your content and manage your presence more effectively.  Here’s what you’ll find behind the scenes:

Facebook Insights

Video Performance

3-second and 1-minute video views, engagements (clicks, likes, shares and comments), minutes viewed and total audience growth over time.


See what traffic sources your views are coming from, how long people are watching your videos (to help you understand when your viewers are dropping off), and view retention curves for specific videos.


Follower activity, user retention (how many viewers from a previous week are returning to view your video) and the ability to see which videos are driving returning viewers to your Page each week.


Understand how your content is monetizing and how earnings are trending over time, introducing key metrics like 1-minute video views and your monetizable view RPM (payout for every 1000 one-minute views) so you can maximize your earnings.


Understand the demographics of your audience across age and gender, countries, language, interests, other Pages your audience likes and videos your audience is watching.

Instagram Insights


See how many actions have been taken on your account, how many accounts you've reached, and the number of impressions your posts have received.


This section lets you view insights on your posts, Stories and promotions.


Track follower activity, see when your followers are on Instagram and understand the demographics of your audience across age, gender, countries and cities.

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