Subscriptions and Revenue on Facebook and Instagram

Fan Subscriptions

On Facebook, fan subscriptions allow listeners to support their favorite podcasts and hosts through a monthly subscription. 

Fans who sign up for a subscription become supporters. Creators reward them with perks like exclusive content, personal interactions, and badges. How you set up your subscription is up to you – you have the flexibility to bring any type of content and choose your own price point.

Features that podcasters can offer exclusively to supporters:

  1. Polls or Q&As to give them greater access and interaction with you. You can use supporter responses to influence your content or publishing strategy.
  2. Behind-the-scenes insight into your podcast’s production, a-day-in-the-life, or introduction to your team and co-hosts.
  3. Exclusive live videos which provide an opportunity for you to answer listeners’ questions and gather feedback.
  4. Discounts in the form of promo codes for merchandise, events or other products through supporter-only messages or posts.
  5. Supporter-only groups are a great place for creators to provide a more intimate, social experience for dedicated fans. You can keep them updated on new content, merch launches, virtual events and more. (The number of people in your Subscriber Group will be visible to anyone that joins.)
Click here to see if your Pages are eligible for fan subscriptions.

Facebook Shops

Facebook Shops make it easy to set up an online shop that’s accessible through both Facebook and Instagram. People can find your shop on your show’s Facebook Page or Instagram profile.

Shops act as a virtual storefront for a podcast’s brand. You’ll be able to tell your story, share merchandise collections, and drive traffic directly to your Shop through ads and new discovery points.

  1. Manage your catalog: You can use an existing catalog or set up a new one that works across Facebook and Instagram. Learn more about catalogs.
  2. Set up shop in commerce manager: Make sure you've followed the right steps to set up your shop in Commerce Manager. See what you need to get started.
  3. Build your collections: Add products to a collection, and use cover images and collection names that inspire people to see what's inside. Learn more about collections.
  4. Customize your shop: Use visuals, brand elements and custom colors to bring your brand to life. Arrange the layout and order of your collections so people see your new and featured collections first. Learn how to customize shops.

See if you meet eligibility criteria here. 

Learn more about Commerce Policies here.

Start setting up your Facebook Shop here.

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