From 0 to 230,000 Downloads in One Year: Your Blueprint to Building & Growing an Impactful Podcast (even if you don’t have a large audience) – Jamila Souffrant

In 1 year, I’ve built a breakout and impactful podcast that: has over 230,000 downloads was selected as 1 of 27 podcasts to listen to in 2018 by BuzzFeed was nominated as Best New Personal Finance podcast in what is considered the Emmy’s of the online Personal Finance space and most importantly, has positively impacted the lives of my listeners which in turn creates a loyal, engaged & fast growing audience.

When I first started a year ago, I didn’t have a well-known platform, a large audience or any podcasting experience.

So how did I do it?

In this session, I’m sharing my tips on how you can stand out from the podcasting crowd to connect with your tribe and those that need to hear your message the most. I’ll give you the blueprint of my marketing and growth plan; my pre-launch strategy, the ongoing promotion, how I get my audience to do most of the marketing for me and how you can directly apply these strategies to your own podcast.

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