Your Story is Awesome, but You’re Probably Telling It Wrong – Matt Marr

By now being vulnerable and sharing your story are catchphrases that we've all heard. But have you ever heard someone's story and realize you bored, you don't relate, or you just don't care? Their story is probably really really REALLY awesome, but they are just telling it wrong. In this keynote, Matt Marr–therapist, stand-up comedian, and Wonder Woman nerd–not only shares his story, but Matt breaks down what techniques you can use to tell your story in a way that will get your audience to engage with you. For real y'all. There are ways to actually tell your story with a technique that motivates people to listen to you, subscribe to you, and even give you money. Matt is not just talking at you in this keynote. Nope. Prepare to get involved. Bring your notepads. Drink a Redbull, a coffee, or your non-fat skinny macchiato extra hot (#basic) because they don't call Matt the Gay White Oprah for nothing.

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