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    100 Outstanding Podcasts from 2020

    and Holiday Meetup Reminder (Later Today!)

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    Greetings PM Family,

    ‘Tis the season! Is this the one time of year when you allow holiday music to play instead of podcasts only? If so, understandable and you are not alone! The Podcast Movement family is “mix and a mingle in the jingle feet.” 

    We are pleased to spread some good cheer this week by sharing a comprehensive list of outstanding podcasts from 2020. It wouldn't be the holidays if we didn't remind you that PM21 registrations are now available. 

    We also remind you that our Home for the Holiday's Meetup is later today. Please join us!

    ‘Tis also the season for “Best Of” lists, and our friends from The Bello Collective annually release one of our favorites! This year, they shared a diverse and multilingual list of top podcasts from 2020, and Podcast Movement is a proud supporter of Bello Collective. We are pleased to share their list with you.

    We encourage you to consider checking out some of these shows, but not simply from an interest in the content. One of the best ways to get fresh ideas for your show is to hear what is working for other shows and discern how you can take various aspects and “make them your own.” 

    Here is a list of former PM Alumni & community members:

    Renay Richardson – Anton Ferrie | HOMEVIDEO

    Martine Powers – The Life of George Floyd

    Al Letson – American Rehab Chapter 1: A Desperate Call

    Radio Ambulante – Juego de niños

    Phoebe Judge – Jane Eyre: Chapter 1

    Lauren Shippen – Galactus Cometh

    Holiday Sale – PM21 Registrations

    The World’s Largest Podcast Conference Returns
    (both in-person and virtually)!

    Podcast Movement tickets are currently on sale for the holidays!

    We're hopeful that we can all get together again, at the end of next summer, as we've been doing almost every year since 2014…and we want you to be there at the lowest possible price.

    This year, you'll have the option to attend in-personor virtually. And best of all, you can register your in-person ticket now and convert it to virtual attendance anytime leading up to the event in August.

    And if the event cannot happen at all, everyone will be offered a full refund.

    There's nothing to lose, and you've got the lowest registration cost possible to gain. 

    Reminder: PM Home for the Holidays Meetup This Afternoon!

    The holiday meetup is today at 2 pm ET! Please join us if you are available. We would love to see you online and hear about what you have up your podcast sleeve to end this year and bring on 2021. 

    Happy Holidays,
    Team PM

    “May your walls know joy, may every room hold laughter, and every window open to great possibility.” — Mary Anne Radmacher

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