More PM21 Featured Speakers, and did someone say PARTY?

Greetings PM Family,

Podcast Movement is less than 3 weeks away! We are pumped to share with you some exciting updates this week, including new keynote sessions, info about PM21 parties, additional speakers, the Podcast Advertiser Boot Camp, and community updates!

New PM21 Featured Session:
Ashley Flowers and Max Cutler

Podcast Movement is pleased to welcome Ashley Flowers (CEO of audiochuck, host of Crime Junkie) and Max Cutler (Founder of Parcast, Head of New Content Initiatives with Spotify) to the main stage.

Ashley Flowers is a well-known figure in the world of podcasts, where she hosts Crime Junkie and several other shows under the audiochuck banner. Crime Junkie is one of the most popular podcasts globally, not just the true crime category. It is also the most popular female-created podcast globally on Spotify.

Max and Ashley will discuss how their partnership has caused audiochuck to explode, the ideal network/creator relationship, the creative process, the highs and the lows, and more. Every podcaster can learn from what Ashley and Max will share in this keynote session at PM21.

New PM21 Featured Session:
Ron Steslow and Tanya Somanader

Podcast Movement is also pleased to welcome Tanya Somanader (Chief Content Officer at Crooked Media) and Ron Steslow (Creator and Host at Politicology) to the main stage.

Ron and Tanya both represent very different podcasts and networks, but come together for this first-time-ever conversation to try and unpack the current state of political podcasting.

This conversation won't be about politics, but rather the intersection of podcasting and politics. Can podcasts change minds—and votes? How can podcasters break through echo chambers? Can mission-driven podcasts contribute to the good of our democracy?

Somanader and Steslow share their thoughts on the future, the intimacy, and the power of political podcasting.

Get Down Tonight:

Parties at Podcast Movement

Podcast Movement is known for having great parties. We team up with some amazing partners to make sure all PM21 attendees have the best time while they're with us possible. We understand you sometimes have to miss some panels or workshops, but we encourage you to NOT miss the parties!

PM21 Kickoff Party
Tuesday, August 3, – 9:00 PM to 11:00 PM
Location TBA

Join us for the official kickoff party of PM21! Nothing gets you ready for the week ahead like bumping into some old friends, and making a lot of new ones, at the kickoff the PM21!

Stitcher Happy Hour
Wednesday, August 4 – 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM
Governor's A (at Gaylord Opryland)

Live music, drinks, and great company, all brought to you by our friends at Stitcher. Show up early, as an hour will go by before you know it!

Wednesday Night Party, presented by The Podcast Academy
Wednesday, August 4, 2021, 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Delta A Lobby & Patio (at Gaylord Opryland)

After the first full day of Podcast Movement, there's nothing like kicking back and winding down with friends and colleagues, both new and old. Join The Podcast Academy for an evening of live music, drink tickets, and light bites, and lots of fun!

iHeartRadio Party (Our Biggest Party of the Year)
Thursday, August 5 – 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM
Wildhorse Saloon (buses will be provided)

iHeartRadio's parties at PM19 in Orlando and Evolutions in LA were epic… but we think this one is going to top them both!

Featuring a live performance by Questlove, plus food, drinks, and a whole lot more.

Lock in the Best Prices Before They Increase Next Week!

The World’s Largest Podcast Conference Returns(both in-person and virtually)!

Podcast Movement tickets are currently on sale!

This year, you'll have the option to attend in person or virtually. And best of all, you can register your in-person ticket now and convert it to virtual attendance anytime leading up to the event in August.

Pro Pass passes will no longer be available after THIS FRIDAY!


Additional PM21 Speakers

and Sessions

We have more exciting speakers and sessions to announce this week!

Amara La NegraEnrique Santos with iHeart Latino, and Gisselle Bances with My Cultura present The Importance of Latinx Representation in Podcasting.

Ben BowlinMatt Frederick and Noel Brown with Stuff They Don't Want You to Know present Conspiracy is Not a Bad Word: Critical Thinking in a Post-Truth World.

Conrad Thompson with Something to Wrestle / Ad-Free Shows, Jeff Jarrett with ‎My World with Jeff Jarrett, and Tony Schiavone with ‎What Happened When / AEW Unrestricted present How Top Wrestling Podcasts Foster Community & Grow Their Shows

DeRay Mckesson with Campaign Zero, Jackie Danziger with Lemonada Media, and Nzinga Harrison with In Recovery with Dr. Nzinga Harrison present What’s Your Story? Creating Life-Changing First-Person Podcasts with Brand Appeal

Eve Troeh with ESPN Daily and Matt Mosk with ABC News present From Concept to Reality: The Power of Narrative Storytelling

John Delony with The Dr. John Delony Show / Ramsey Network presents Winning Won’t Make You Well – A Podcaster's Guide to Becoming Whole.

David Stern with Supporting Cast presents How Much of Your Podcast Should You Paywall?

David Farrier with Armchaird & Dangerous presents How Podcast Creation Has Changed.

Danika Ragnhild with PRX presents Making the Podcast Tech Space Inclusive for Women.

Nicole Hoglund with 94twenty presents Music in Podcasts – So What The Hell Is Going On Now?

Caroline Edwards with ICM presents Navigating People-First Podcasting: Treating People Well and Making Good Sh*t.

Kate Moennig with PANTS with Kate and Leisha presents Not Just a Marketing Channel: How to Succeed in Podcasting as a Public Figure.

Annu Subramanian with VoxMedia presents Passing the Mic: How Brands Can Raise the Standard for Purposeful Podcasting.

Juleyka Lantigua with Lantigua Williams & Co and Steve Goldstein with Amplifi Media present Podcast Leadership: The Future from Every Angle.

Dash Morriss and Oliver Wellington with Headliner present Podcast Videos Across the Web

Benjamin Strouse and David Kreizman with Gen-Z Media present Short, Long, and Everything in Between: Choosing the Most Successful Format for Your Audio Drama.

Andy Kelly and Molly Socha with iHeart Media present The Future of Advertising Is in Branded Podcasts.

Daisy Rosario with Stitcher presents The Notes Process.

Matt Yocum with QCODE Media presents Ultimate Audio Immersion – Dolby Atmos for Podcasts.

Damona Hoffman with Dates & Mates presents Why Curiosity Drives Podcast Success.

Alejandro Vargas with PODWAY presents Why it's Time to Investing in Latam Podcast Ecosystem.

Krystina Rubino with Right Side Up present Going Abroad: International Performance Marketing

Matt Turck with Spotify presents Fueling Monetization with Advanced Audience Insights.

Marshall Williams with Ad Results Media presents Be Brand Safe, Not Brand Boring.

VIRTUAL Presentations include:

Katherine Goldstein with The Double Shift presents In the Podcast Industry's Power Grab, Here's How Creators Can Win Out.

Dave Keine with Podchaser presents Hacking the Podcast Growth Funnel.

Dot Cannon with Over Coffee®/Two Maverix® Multimedia presents Interviews, Ideas, and Ingenuity.

E.B. Moss with Insider Interviews with E.B. Moss / Moss Appeal presents No More “Bored Room” Podcasts: Creating Compelling B2B Content

Heather Osgood with True Native Media Agency presents A Beginners Guide To Podcast Monetization With Ads.

Jesse Brown with Canadaland presents In the Podcast Industry's Power Grab, Here's How Creators Can Win Out.

Sarah Turney with Voices for Justice presents Ethics in True Crime Podcasting.

** Check back every Wednesday to see who has been announced for the next round of speakers at PM21 **

Podcast Advertiser Bootcamps
presented by Right Side Up

Advertiser Bootcamp 101
Tuesday, August 3 – 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM

You know a great podcast ad when you hear it. But how do you create that same magic for your brand? Finding the right combination of show selection, ad creative, and pricing to get the results you want can be tricky, unless you know what you’re doing (or partner with podcast experts).

Whether you’re trying to decide if podcast advertising is right for you or you’re a current podcast advertiser looking to improve your current processes, the Advertiser Bootcamp 101 is designed to offer the foundational information you need to make this channel work for you. Right Side Up’s offline team will walk you through the pre-planning and budgeting process, ad buying and creative, all the way to analyzing results and optimizing for future campaigns.

Advertiser Bootcamp 201
Tuesday, August 3 – 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM

You know a thing or two about podcast advertising. Maybe you crushed Advertiser Bootcamp 101 already. Or maybe you’re an experienced marketer who’s proven success in this channel but you’re hungry to scale your efforts. Or maybe you’re a legacy brand looking to brush up on the latest industry happenings.

The Advertiser Bootcamp 201 builds on your foundational knowledge to take your podcast ad game to the next level. The Right Side Up offline team will dive into data research, ways to scaleattribution updates, negotiation tips, the latest tech, and how to make podcasts a driving force in your marketing mix for the long term.

PM Community Updates!

Creating A Hyperlocal Podcast with Darien Southerland from BG AD Group – Thursday, July 15 at 4:00 pm ET

How to build a hyperlocal podcast and secure sponsors, guests, and aggregate great content!

We can't wait to see those of you that can join us in person or virtually in Nashville this August 3 – 6. Thank you for your work. Thank you for sharing your voices.

Team Podcast Movement

“Were there none who were discontented with what they have, the world would never reach anything better.” – Florence Nightingale


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