Santa came early for podcasters this year!

Happy Holidays to you and your family! The Podcast Movement team is excited about this time of year for all kinds of reasons. Some of those reasons we expected, while others caught us by surprise. The lead of this week’s newsletter is one of those (good) surprises.

Much like many of you, we’re always looking to innovate and improve what we do. And when we found out that some of the members of the PM community were having issues with a certain offering, we went to work to address it. So consider this a “case study” of that process, and we hope it is one that helps you.

If you’re not interested, you can jump straight to some of the great articles and links that we’ve curated for you this week!

The Naughty List

We always try to deliver the best experiences possible for the community, whether it is in person at our live events, or through one of our online offerings.

So when we received feedback from some of community members that we were on their naughty list, our ears perked up.

There were a number of attendees who purchased last year’s Podcast Movement Virtual Ticket (on-demand video recordings of every session) who were having some pretty serious issues. Some folks had difficulty logging in, some were not able to find the content, and others had simply given up after logging on and having too many technical difficulties.

Since the last thing we want is a lump of coal in our stockings, we decided to go to work!

Milk & Cookies

The good news is that we’d recently attended Fincon 2017 (a great conference for those in the financial media space), where we met the team at Teachable.

The reason we’re sharing this is because after learning about Teachable, it dawned on us that it could be a great tool for podcasters who are planning to expand their podcast beyond being a standalone offering. If you’re looking to share content in the form of a membership site or online course, it’s one of the easiest and smoothest solutions we’ve come across.

So circling back to the focus, we decided to add our existing Virtual Tickets from previous PM events to the Teachable platform, in addition to their current home. We did a variation of what’s referred to as a “split test”. We were hosting the identical virtual tickets on the two platforms, inviting PM16 and PM17 virtual ticket holders to try them both, and then asking them what they like best.

The milk and cookies had been left on the mantle, but would they be eaten by the time we woke up?

Santa Claus is coming to town!

Curious about the results? We’ll let some of the responses you sent us speak for themselves:

OMG, thank you for doing this!! Podcast Movement Rocks – Dawn Fraser / Barbershop Stories

Wow, Dan! Thanks for going the extra mile, making sure everyone got the recordings. See you at PM18!!! – Rodrigo Caetano / Strategic What?! Podcast

Moving to Teachable is the best thing you’ve done! Thank you! – Kunal Sampat / Clinical Trial Podcast

Teachable appears to be a step in the right direction for Podcast Movement. Is it a tool that you should consider using as a podcaster? Check out an example of how Lee Cockerell (former VP of Disney World) and Jody Maberry from the Creating Disney Magic podcast are using Teachable for one of their classes on Time Management.

If you want a sneak peek at the PM17 Virtual Ticket, we’ve made the closing keynote from Aaron Mahnke of Lore free to preview, to see what it’s all about!

Stocking Stuffers (aka Podcast Articles, Happenings and Tips)

  • It’s been over a year now since RadioPublic launched as a listening app, with the goal of creating a platform to help listeners discover, engage with, and reward podcast hosts. Yesterday they announced a new group of strategic investments, and let us in on some cool new initiatives that could be great for podcasters.
  • Blubrry announced the launch of Podcast Mirror, a new service that “mirrors” your RSS feed. It’s a free service, and might make sense for you and your podcast!
  • Many of you attended the session on Audio Search at PM17, lead by Anne Wootton of Up Archive. Last month they announced they had ceased operations, however this week we learned that it was because they were acquired by Apple. Interesting!

Not yet registered for Podcast Movement 2018?

Our Holiday Sale is going on now, and we’ve got a heck of a deal!

Register for the lowest possible price, PLUS get an exclusive (free) PM Holiday Shirt, between now and December 26. Don’t miss it!

Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree,
The Podcast Movement Team

PM community spotlight, featuring the man in the hotel hallway in his underwear!

We hope that everyone in the US had an enjoyable and safe holiday weekend, and maybe even got some good deals on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday! If you got a great podcast-related deal, Tweet at us to let us know.

We’re trying out all kinds of different things with this newsletter, and this week we’re really excited to introduce (or re-introduce) you to one of the members of the Podcast Movement community.

Community Spotlight – Matt Marr

Matt Marr is the host of the Dear Mattie Show. His podcast is a modern day Dear Abby with your gay best friend, which is an entertaining advice podcast where he and a guest co-host answer listener questions about family, depression, job, stress, relationships and more.

He is originally from Oklahoma where he received his master’s degree in clinical psychology. He is a psychologist by day, but was encouraged to also pursue commercial acting when he moved to Los Angeles. In fact, this is where we first learned about Matt.

Matt might be best recognized from a commercial where he was in a hotel hallway, in his underwear, with Captian Obvious from He also appeared in a commercial with Justin Timberlake for Target, plus numerous other nationwide commercials for KFC, McDonalds and Intel.

He started podcasting because he loves entertaining, but he wanted more control over at least one of his many projects. Podcasting seemed like the best way to go. Since then, Matt has published over 150 episodes of his own show, and made guest appearances on over 50 others.

Matt wanted to continue to grow his podcasting efforts, which compelled him to get on the Google machine and start searching for resources to help him with some questions about his podcast. His search helped him to learn about Podcast Movement 2014 in Dallas, Texas. While he wasn’t able to attend that particular event due to a conflict with the summer camp that he was starting, he kept Podcast Movement on his radar.

He eventually was able to join us in Chicago at PM16, where he was asked to emcee PMx! Matt said he loved the experience so much that he decided to participate as a speaker the following year in Anaheim, where he signed up to take part in the first ever PMx Competition.

Matt’s talk about Public Narrative was incredible. He explained how to share stories in the most effective way possible using a technique that makes stories more exciting and engaging. Matt’s speech resonated with the audience and judges, so much so that he was announced as the first winner of the PMx Competition, and was awarded the championship belt the following evening!

He was excited to be part of the awards ceremony, and had noticed that also in the audience was Dr. Drew. When Matt took the stage, he was thrilled to win the award, and also took the opportunity to compliment Dr. Drew on how handsome he looked from the stage. It was a funny comment, but little did he know that this would end up creating an unexpected opportunity. Matt was tapped on the shoulder after his acceptance speech by Dr. Drew’s producer, and invited to be a guest on the Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew show!

Matt’s advice for anyone that is planning to attend Podcast Movement 2018 in Philadelphia is to:

Spend an hour or two before you go learning about the speakers, sessions, download the app and set up your schedule. When you get there… be prepared to let it all go. Expect to speak with podcasters from all over the world that want to know the answers to the same questions that you have. Be open and stay in the moment to meet great people. You can always watch the sessions later with the virtual ticket, but the conversations will prove to be invaluable.

Connect with Matt here:

Other podcast articles & happenings

  • How one podcaster was able to quit his day job job after co-creating a critically acclaimed mysterious, paranormal docudrama.
  • Finally, if you’re looking for a good podcast laugh, check out Dr. Ryan Gray’s post in the Podcast Movement Facebook group, and don’t be scared to contribute one of your own!

Missed the Thanksgiving Registration sale?
Don’t worry, we’ve still got you covered!

REGISTER FOR PODCAST MOVEMENT by the end of the year to still get a great price with our Holiday Registration Special, and you’ll still also get one of our exclusive PM18 Holiday Shirts!

Have a great rest of your week!
The Podcast Movement team

Thanks for being a part of the PM family!

Before we get to this week’s newsletter, we wanted to take a quick moment to wish all of our US based community members a Happy Thanksgiving (and for those who live anywhere else, happy “week of US based community members posting food pictures and stories)!

We’ve got a Thanksgiving registration special for those of you not yet registered for Podcast Movement, complete with free T-Shirt! You can read about it at the end of the newsletter.

Where we’ve been

Since we first launched PM in 2014, we’ve tried our best to give back to others in the community, aside from just the conference. PM was a proud supporter of DC Podfest again this past month, as a sponsor for the attendee bags! Congrats to PM family member Jennifer Crawford and the team for putting together another high quality event!

In the Facebook Group

The PM Community Facebook group continues to foster conversations surrounding podcast tips, industry trends as well as solving unique challenges that every podcaster runs into along the way.

“Yep.. I did a “Diabetes Thanksgiving Survival Guide” a round table of adults with type 1 to give advice (and have a lot of laughs) about what happens around the table. My show is (obviously) about T1D” – Stacy Simms

“We recorded our last week and we’re putting it out at midnight. We’re a comedy based Relationship podcast so for the first half we told the legend of Pocahontas via the Disney movie, then I play the drunk uncle who ruined thanksgiving with all the facts and the true story for the second half.” – Josh Kuykendall

“Thanksgiving is much like degrees Fahrenheit, or podcasts in Google Play Music, or thinking 3/12 means a day in March. It’s something that the rest of the world doesn’t have.” – James Cridland

Other podcast articles & happenings

  • Our friends at Podbean and Samson let us know they’re doing another free gear giveaway. No purchase necessary, but you can win a kit that includes a microphone, mic stand, USB mixer, headphones and more. Hurry up, your last chance to enter is December 15!

The PM18 “Thanksgiving/Black Friday Sale” is happening now, and ends on Monday!

REGISTER FOR PODCAST MOVEMENT by November 27 to not only get the lowest possible price, but to get one of our exclusive PM18 Holiday Shirts!

Happy Thanksgiving (or if you don’t celebrate, then Happy Wednesday)!
The Podcast Movement team

A new beginning: The Podcast Movement newsletter

We’re so excited to welcome you to the first (of the new-era) of Podcast Movement newsletters.

As you might know, we regularly send out emails that discuss all things related to the Podcast Movement conference, but sometimes it feels like all we talk about is the event. But the truth is, we feel like Podcast Movement is so much more than a conference… it’s a true movement of podcasters and of the podcast industry.

So that’s why we’re “relaunching” the newsletter into something that will of course still keep you up to date on the latest happenings in PM land, but will also let you know what else is happening in the larger community.

If you have something that you think would make a great story or article for a future PM Weekly newsletter, let us know!

In the Community – Podcast Movement Meetups

We’ve travelled the country the past few weeks, and got to hang out with lots of members of the community along the way! Check out a few shots from a few of them.

Washington DC

The PM Community meetup was held at Open City DC. All types of podcasts were represented, including Military Law MattersData DrivenBrookings Cafeteria and The True Voyage Soundcast.

Jas Hands from the popular The Brown Liquor Report said:

“DC meetup was like a finely blended cocktail. One part: exploring how I’ve found this kind of medium to be the best vehicle for our stories and views, to one part: listening to others from locally-based shows, with totally different interests, share how their style of storytelling. Blend well and serve over mics. The meet up broadened my horizons on what podcasting can be and I can’t wait to see what else Podcast Movement has in store.”


The meetup in Philadelphia had a really cool ambience courtesy of the Garces Trading Company on Locust St! Huge shoutout to Ryan Martin of Wealthadelphia for helping us to set this up.

This meetup had some podcast veterans on hand to share their perspective with newer podcasters. Learning from Christina Philburn of Whiskycast (active for over 12 years) was a treat!

Shoutout to Gabriella Vargas, Michael Szubrowski (Time is Me), Jessica Kupferman (She Podcasts), Erik Harbison (Aweber) and Matthew Passy (Pod to Pod) for making it a fun night!


Is everything actually bigger in Texas? As far as Podcast Movement Community meetups go, the answer was yes!. Four Corners Brewery provided an excellent location that not only brought together podcasters from the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex area, but as well as multiple other states and even other countries!

“I enjoyed the fun event and amazing networking” – Tatiana Smith (Talking Off the Couch)

“It was great getting together with so many talented folks.” – Ronei Harden-Moroney (Coffee Talk w/ Ronei)

“It was a blast! Had so much fun seeing everyone!” – Kimberly Brown Cain (the Naked Vibes Show)

If you’d like to host an official Podcast Movement meetup in your town, email us!

In the News – Meet the people who listen to podcasts at super-fast speeds

We’ve heard stories of podcast listeners who like to listen to podcasts at 1.5x or 2.0x speed, but we learned from Buzzfeed that some people listen even faster. And we were surprised to learn that your brain might thank you for it!

Spotlight – Inside a successful niche podcast launch

PM Community member Jeremy Enns helped fellow podcaster Hayley Akins launch her new show, Motion Hatch. He put together a great writeup and case-study detailing the methods he used to help get it off the ground.

Toolbox – Formatting your show notes, and knowing how they look in apps that your listeners are using?

Alban from Buzzsprout recently shared with us a tutorial he put together to help podcasters learn basic HTML to use in their show notes. Then a few days later, James Cridland wrote a great (and detailed) article comparing how these show notes look in many of the different listening apps our audiences are using. Both are well worth your time to check out!

The PM18 “Thanksgiving/Black Friday Sale” is happening now! Register your spot at Podcast Movement by November 27 to not only get the lowest possible price, but to get one of our exclusive PM18 Holiday Shirts!

Talk next week!
The Podcast Movement team

Get lei’d, pitch your podcast, and welcome ESPN 30 for 30!

Podcast Movement is only 1 week away, and we cannot wait. If you are pumped, please let us know by taking a selfie and posting in the Podcast Movement Facebook group or on the PM17 app!

Today we will cover the New Attendee Orientation, ESPN’s session, Pitch a Sponsor and the Thursday Evening Luau! Let’s get this party started.

New Attendee Orientation (and alumni refresher)

Podcast Movement continues to evolve each year, and one of the many great opportunities that developed organically from previous events was the desire for attendees to connect with each other before the event begins (yes that means you too introverts!). They also wanted an overview of the best strategies to get the full PM experience, including

  • Using of the event mobile app
  • Deciding and scheduling what sessions to attend
  • Finding out about networking opportunities, meetups and parties
  • How to find someone to eat with even if you’re alone
  • Understanding the best way to connect with the exhibitors, speakers and fellow attendees

Therefore, we’re excited to bring you the inaugural New and Returning Attendees Orientation with Joe Saul Sehy, Jennifer Briney and Rich Jones. This will take place on Tuesday afternoon, August 22 from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm in the Platinum 7 ballroom. Thanks to Simplecast, who is partnering with us to make this event possible!

Inside ESPN’s 30 for 30

One of the top podcasts this summer is ESPN’s 30 for 30 podcast, and it has been praised by sports fans, and non-sports fans alike! We are honored to have the masterminds behind this popular show discuss some of the lessons learned from Season 1.

The session will be a conversation about the creation, story selection, execution, and business approach behind the launch of the podcast, as well as discussion of the future of the series and ESPN’s plans for future storytelling initiatives. This session features Adam Neuhaus (Producer), Rose Eveleth(Producer) and Tom Ricks (VP of ESPN Audio).

Looking for your first podcast sponsor?
Freshbooks wants to hear from you at PM17!

You asked for it and PM17 is hooking it up! We have heard from many previous PM attendees that they have everything rocking and rolling on their podcast, but still lack sponsors. At the same time, we’ve heard testimonials from various podcasts that have picked up sponsors that originally started with conversations in the hallways during the conference.

Well this year, with the help of Freshbooks, we put two and two together, as they have agreed to sponsor the podcast of at least one Podcast Movement attendee.

At PM17, you’ll have the opportunity to make a pitch to Freshbooks on why your show would be a great fit. You will not find this type of opportunity anywhere else, and we urge you to take this seriously, and show up prepared!


Get Lei’d at Hostgator’s SoCal Luau Thursday Night

Who doesn’t love a Luau? Podcast Movement & Hostgator are bringing the Aloha spirit and fun to Anaheim for our annual Thursday Night Party! The party will be on the Lanai (or plaza) steps from the Anaheim Marriott, and all attendees are invited. Plus, if you’re traveling with non-attendees, they can join the fun too, with a small cover charge at the door.

We will have live island music, games, polynesian dancers, drinks and networking!

Remember to pack your Aloha shirt or Luau dress. The Thursday evening party promises to be one that even Don Ho would envy!

We are excited to see you next week! Any questions, reply to this email…we’re here to help!

Ready to rock (and hula),
Team PM17

Heather McDonald of Juicy Scoop named host of the AofP Awards, event reminders and more!

The Academy of Podcasters Awards is pleased to welcome Heather McDonald as the host of this year’s Awards and Hall of Fame Ceremony. Heather is a popular touring stand-up comic as well as an Actress and NYT Best Selling Author, as well as a writer for seven seasons on Chelsea Lately. Heather is also the host of the Juicy Scoop podcast where she discusses controversial topics with fellow actors, comics and reality stars. The show averages over 1 million downloads a month, and is a featured podcast on the Wondery podcast network.

We’re thrilled to welcome Heather as the host of this year’s awards, and know that you will be laughing when Heather takes the stage to lead the Awards and Hall of Fame ceremony this year!

Speaking of the awards, don’t forget to be there to honor all of this year’s Hall of Fame inductees, and best podcast nominees. We invite you to arrive early, and stay late, by participating in all festivities August 23:

iHeartRadio Red Carpet Party
6:00PM – 7:30PM

Come early for music and drinks, both courtesy of our friends from iHeart. Plus get your picture made on the red carpet as we prepare for the AofP Awards & Hall of Fame Ceremony!

AofP Awards & Hall of Fame Ceremony
7:30PM – 9:30PM

Wondery brings us a night to honor those who have contributed in the past year, in addition to lifetime contributors to podcasting. Heather McDonald hosts the evening, filled with laughs, fun, and a few surprise appearances!

Patreon AofP After Party
9:30PM – ???

After the awards show wraps up, head around the corner to The Fifth, where our friends from Patreon are hosting the official AofP After Party. Food, drinks, and great friends await to close out the first night of Podcast Movement!

Getting to PM Early?
Join in the fun!

If you are planning to get in early on Tuesday, August 22, then you will not need to worry about finding something to do! Here is a list of the top options included with your PM17 registration:

  • PMx Competition, presented by DGital
    9:00AM – 3:00PM
    Spend the day listening to some of the most entertaining podcast talks, all in short TED-style bits. Plus, let your voice be heard as we crown the first ever PMx Champion!
  • New Attendee Orientation, presented by Simplecast
    3:00PM – 5:00PM
    Whether you’re a first-time PM attendee, or just looking for a refresher or to meet new people, join us for this fun and informative afternoon where you can “learn to Podcast Movement”!
  • Early Check-In
    5:00PM – 7:00PM
    Beat the lines, and be the first to get your Podcast Movement credentials.
  • Ignite Podcast Movement
    7:00PM – 9:00PM
    If you’ve never been to an Ignite event, you’re in for a treat! Often called the most fun evening of any event, we’re excited to debut it at this year’s PM.
  • The Messengers documentary screening
    7:00PM – 9:00PM
    This brand new documentary is all about us: podcasters. Be one of the first to see this documentary, at its west coast debut, plus participate in a Q&A with the producers after!
  • TuneIn Welcome Reception
    9:00PM – ???
    Stay tuned to find out how you can participate in this limited-space event!

or upgrade your experience with a workshop

  • Monetize Your Podcast Using Self-Sponsorship
    10:00AM – 3:00PM
    In this half-day workshop, Tyrone Jackson, aka The Wealthy Investor, will teach you step by step:

    • How to inform and entertain your listening audience
    • How to format your show for monetization
    • How to distribute each episode of your podcast to a worldwide-targeted audience within 48 hours
    • How to use a home study course or back-end subscription based product to financially benefit as a podcaster
    • How to use a 30-day action plan to help increase long-term success


We are excited to see you in 2 weeks. Next week we will tell you about a few last-minute surprises we have in store for you in Anaheim.

Until next week,
Team PM17

The Virtual Ticket, PRX Stage and Jacobs Media Stage, and more!

Greetings PM Family,

August is here! Did you know that August 1 is…National Raspberry Cream Pie Day? We don’t have any pie for you in this newsletter, but the PM17 Virtual Ticket promises to be pretty sweet! If that slice of good news wasn’t enough… this week we also celebrate two partner stages that feature some of the top minds and talent in all of podcasting.

The Virtual Ticket is Live
Activate yours, or add it on, today!

Podcast Movement has always made the effort to allow PM community members from around the world to experience the event if they couldn’t be there in person. The Virtual Ticket has also served as a source of relief for attendees who choose to spend certain sessions networking in Podcast Movement Central, or of course because it’s impossible to attend every session.

Simply put: the Virtual Ticket is on-demand video and audio recordings of nearly every breakout, panel and keynote that takes place at PM. We’ve partnered with Revizzit again to bring you the ticket, which means you can access the VT from your desktop or mobile device anywhere, anytime!

The Virtual Ticket is an upgrade to registration this year, as opposed to coming with all passes, after many previous attendees requested we give an option to leave it off in exchange for more affordable registration rates.

Did you register for a PM17 Standard Pass?
We don’t want you to miss any of the sessions that you cannot make it to. You have the option to add the virtual pass to your existing registration now, for the exact same cost as if you’d registered for a Standard Plus originally. After the conference, the only option is to buy the VT as a standalone option. Click here to add the Virtual Ticket on now for the lowest cost.

Did you register for a PM17 Standard Plus or Pro Pass? Click here to activate yours now.

Not going to make it in person to PM17, but still want to enjoy all the action? Click here to buy the standalone Virtual Ticket!

This year the VT also includes bonus sessions that are only available digitally on the pass. And these are available immediately.


We’re excited to once again be partnering with our friends from PRX to bring you a day of sessions curated and presented by their team on August 23.

Some of the topics their sessions this year will focus on include audiosearch and discovery, how to pitch a brand on your show, podcast consistency, and more.

Featured speakers and panelists include Helen Zaltzman of The Allusionist, Lea Thau of Strangers , Nikki Silva of The Kitchen Sisters, and Radiotopia EP Julie Shapiro…plus nearly a dozen more.

For the first time, we’ve joined forces with the team at Jacobs Media to help bridge the gap between broadcasters and podcasters, as they present a full day of sessions August 24th.

The track, Broadcasters Meet Podcasters, will combine the energy and electricity of the podcasting space with the expertise, talent, and reach of the broadcasting world.

Don’t miss sessions that will appeal to attendees, no matter which side of the equation you fall, including discussions on why public radio excels at podcasting, how broadcasters can make money on podcasts, and the return of the podcast makeover!

This track is brought to you thanks in part to our partnership with Triton Digital and Omny Studio!

Whether you’re looking forward to the PRX track, the Jacobs track, or something entirely different, don’t forget to plan out your schedule on our website, or on our new mobile app!


Every year we receive inquiries about podcasting at the event, and this year with the help of TalkShoe and Shure, we’re giving you a way!

The Podcast Pavilion gives you the perfect spot and setup, however slots are first come first serve, and are almost completely full. Today is the last day to reserve your spot!

Reserve Your Spot Today

The team at Podcast Movement has worked diligently over the last year to create even more opportunities for attendees. We want to ensure that your challenges and specific podcast questions will not only be answered, but if needed a specific plan of action can be put in place after PM concludes.

If you aren’t sure if Podcast Movement will address your podcast pain points… please send us an email. We will help you to determine which sessions, tracks and or small groups will put you in the best position for success. Email [email protected] and let us help you!

Next week we will share a new and exciting session from the sports category, let you know how you can pitch a sponsor for your show live and in person at PM17, and more tips for can’t miss PM activities.

Until Next Week,
Team PM17

Hosts of Missing Richard Simmons and Up and Vanished announced as PM17 Speakers

Greetings PM17 family,

We’re getting to the end of July, and can officially say we’re less than a month away from Podcast Movement! We promised you the surprises and additions were not over, and we’ve got some really cool announcements for you this week.

From Missing and Vanished…
to Podcast Movement

There have been a number of breakout hits in podcasting this year, but few of them have reached the success of Missing Richard Simmons and Up and Vanished. We’re so excited to announce the hosts of each as speakers at this summer’s Podcast Movement.

Dan Taberski
Missing Richard Simmons

Prior to gaining notoriety as the host of the podcast Missing Richard Simmons, he directed a documentary short, created a kids show for Cartoon Network, and co-created a digital comedy series. He’s also a former producer for The Daily Show, and worked on economic policy in the White House.

Payne Lindsey
Up and Vanished

Payne Lindsey is a director, award winning filmmaker, and the host of Up and Vanished, a podcast series following the investigation into the unsolved disappearance of Tara Grinstead. Since its release in August 2016, it’s garnered over 5 million downloads and climbed as high as the #2 spot overall on iTunes.

Patreon awards show After Party

When the Academy of Podcasters Awards and Hall of Fame ceremony ends on night one of Podcast Movement, the celebration is not over.

Join our friends from Patreon at The Fifth to celebrate the hard work of content creators like you!

Mingle with Patreon Creators who are making a living by turning listeners into paying members like Stories Podcast, Drunks & Dragons, Trivial Warfare, The Minimalists, Casefile Podcast, Ivy Envy, Mental Illness Happy Hour, Fantasy Footballers, Risk and Congressional Dish.

Walk Like a Podcaster

What can you do to stay active during a three day conference like Podcast Movement? Join us for one (or all) of our morning networking walks!

On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we will have 6 a.m. networking walks lead by Podcast HOF’er Gary Leland. This is a great way to get in some exercise, and connect with a lot of other attendees in a low-stress environment. The walks will leave from the hotel lobby each morning at 6am.

Check out all the unofficial events taking place around PM17, and submit your own!

A reminder that the PM17 mobile app is now LIVE!

The conversations have already started on the activity stream, plus you can plan your schedule, mark your “can’t miss” speakers and exhibitors, and more!

Download the PM17 App

Next week, we let you know all about the virtual ticket, remind you of some can’t-miss activities (including a Tuesday Night Welcome Mixer that you should mark your calendars for now), and introduce you to Podcast Movement Central.

Until Next Week,
Team PM17

There’s an app for that… plus get behind the mic at PM17!

Greetings PM17 family,

Summertime is heating up, but this week we are bringing you some cool updates. We are proud to announce the release of the PM17 mobile app, as well as the Podcast Pavilion, plus the opportunity to test drive top rated mics for podcasters! Let’s get started.

The PM17 Mobile App is LIVE

The app is ready to download in the Apple and Android store!

We received a ton of great feedback regarding the event apps from previous years’ events, and carefully selected Attendify as this year’s platform based on a number of features. You’ll have the opportunity to not only explore the sessions and exhibiting sponsors, but also connect with fellow attendees before, during and after the conference.

We are confident that you will enjoy the PM17 app experience, and invite you to download the app so you can start connecting and planning your schedule now!

Download the PM17 App

The Podcast Pavilion is a new feature at Podcast Movement, and we’re excited to partner with our friends at TalkShoe to bring it to you. This year will feature 2 dedicated podcasting stations with four Shure microphones at each, allowing you to sign up for timeslots to record your next episode, or capture interviews with Podcast Movement sponsors and speakers!

Thanks to Shure for providing their signature SM7Bs for the pavilion stations, and stop by the pavilion to find out how you can win one of them while at PM!

And a special thank you to PM family member Steve Stewart for manning the helm for the Podcast Pavilion all week long. You’ll be in good hands with the team of TalkShoe, Shure and Steve!


Test-Drive Top Rated Podcasting Microphones at PM

So many podcasters are eager to find out which microphone sounds best on their particular voice, and we’re excited to announce that for the first time ever at Podcast Movement, you’ll have the opportunity to try all the best mics side by side. Plus, you’ll even get a recording to help you decide which mic you like best!

Stop by the booth to test drive some of the best microphones around, including:

  • Shure SM7B
  • Blue Yeti Pro
  • Samson Q2U
  • Sennheiser e835
  • Electro-Voice RE20
  • Electro-Voice RE320
  • Heil PR40
  • Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB
  • Behringer Ultravoice Xm1800s
  • Rode Procaster
    and more!

This is a free service provided by Chris Curran from the Podcast Engineering School, and you can find out more here.

The good news does not end here. We have more exciting updates that will be announced each week until the event! Make sure to read the PM17 newsletter so that you can make the most out of your time at Podcast Movement.

Until Next Week,
Team PM17

PRIME activities planned for PM, Ignite speakers announced and more!

Greetings PM17 family,

We trust that our friends in the United States enjoyed their 4th of July festivities and that our Canadian friends enjoyed Canada day as well.

Today, we celebrate Prime Day by putting the focus on the Tuesday, August 22 premium workshops, and celebrate our first of what we hope to become annual Ignite Podcast Movement speakers!

Premium Activites on Tuesday, Aug 22!

Last week we shared the Tuesday activities that are included with the regular registration. However, many of you have asked for more options, and we have listened. Some attendees want to go farther and faster, and these premium workshops are uniquely tailored for just that.

They are not a part of the regular PM17 pass, but we’re partnered with some great instructors to give you additional options for your PM experience. These value packed workshops are certainly worth the upgrade.

Fame and Profit Lab
from Josh Elledge,

From growing your audience, to monetizing your podcast, to building your personal brand, Josh Elledge has got you covered in this all day workshop. Learn more, and register HERE.

Monetize Your Podcast Workshop
from Tyrone Jackson, The Wealthy Investor

Tyrone Jackson has made a career out of podcasting, and his secret is Self Sponsoring. This workshop will show you not only how he grew his audience, but how he began generating revenue using self sponsorship! Learn more, and register HERE.

From Idea to Launch…and Beyond!
from John Lee Dumas & Kate Erickson, Podcasters’ Paradise & EOFire

You want to podcast, but putting a plan together, equipment, software, format, frequency, scheduling, publishing, promoting – it can be overwhelming. This workshop will help! THIS EVENT IS ALMOST SOLD OUT! Learn more, and register HERE.

Three New Speakers Announced

We told you we were finished a few weeks ago, but we have a few more tricks up our sleeves! Check out these three awesome new speakers just announced, including Brittany Luse and Eric Eddings! They host Gimlet’s newest show, The Nod, which debuts next week! Also, best selling author, host of the popular Side Hustle School: Chris Guillebeau has just been added.

Brittany Luse
Gimlet’s The Nod

Eric Eddings
Gimlet’s The Nod

Chris Guillebeau
Side Hustle School

Ignite Speakers Announced

We’ve mentioned Ignite over the last few weeks in the newsletter. We are very excited for our first time to do this unique event at Podcast Movement. If you aren’t familiar with Ignite then we welcome you to check out the details here.

This week we announce and celebrate the speakers that were voted by you to take the stage this year!

Jaime Legagneur

Brian Earl

Damona Hoffman

Erica Mandy

Ingrid Heilke

Michael Neeley

Paul Spain

Steve Olsher

Podcast Movement is just around the corner! We couldn’t be more excited. Thanks for being a part of this great community. We look forward to sharing more with you next week, including downloading the PM17 mobile app, plus securing your spot at the Podcast Pavilion!

Until next week,

Team PM17

Important dates:
July 18 – Registration cost increases… Register Now

August 22 – PMx Competition, Optional Workshops, First Timers’ orientation, Ignite Podcast Movement, and more!

August 23-25 – Podcast Movement 2017

July 24-26, 2018 – Podcast Movement 2018 in Philadelphia

15 Days 2 Hours 38 Minutes 18 Seconds until the Holiday Sale ends!