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    PM Closes Out the New Year with Additional Sessions for Evolutions

    Happy New Year's Eve PM Family, We intend to keep this week's version of the newsletter shorter than usual. We do have some essential additional...

    Stocking Stuffers: More Evolutions Speaker Announcements!

    and take advantage of the New Years Sale!

    Merry and Bright: PM Evolutions Speaker Announcements

    Greetings PM Family, It's hard to believe that we passed the halfway point for December! We've used a holiday theme each week so far. We...

    It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

    Seasons Greetings from Podcast Movement

    Advocacy in the Podcasting World

    Welcome to season four of Podcast Movement Sessions! This time around we're focusing on PM19's Society, Culture, and Advocacy track and for our season premier we're taking a look more specifically at how creators have turned to the podcasting medium as a means of advocating for societal change.

    Thank you PM family…thank you very much!

    We show our podcast gratitude!

    A Belated Tribute to Veterans in the PM Family, Plus Your Final Chance to Speak at Evolutions!

    Submit a presentation for PM Evolutions this February in LA!

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