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We hope that you & your families are staying safe. Today's newsletter features a replay of the opening keynote from Evolutions this past February in Los Angeles. We will also provide a PodMov Daily recap as well as share some community updates!

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Evolutions Keynote Replay – Misha Euceph

Misha Euceph provided the opening keynote presentation at Evolutions this past February. She shared her podcast journey and encouraging words for podcasters regarding failure in “The Gatekeepers Don't Want You to Fail.” 

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PodMov Daily Highlights

Every weekday we bring you current podcast news with the PodMov Daily newsletter! It is currently the fastest growing newsletter in the podcast industry. It has also received high praise from existing subscribers for being an informative, entertaining, and a quick way to stay connected with the latest info and insights in podcasting. Here are some recent recaps.

  • Guest Feature: How to Become a Content Powerhouse – This guest article is all about streamlining your production workflow. Web designer and business efficiency coach Yvonne Heimann teaches how to successfully outsource tasks, turn one episode into a multitude of content pieces, and continuously drive traffic to past and future episodes.

    According to Heimann, we’re fooling ourselves to assume we ‘know every step’ of our unorganized habits. The article’s flexible ideas acknowledge that efficiency looks different for every podcaster. One of our favorite time-savers: “Anything and everything you are writing, building, designing, or recording should become a template.”

    This isn’t just about cutting down desk time. It’s about making the absolute most of your content. “Exposure is simple yet time-consuming,” and the solution is to “repurpose, repurpose, repurpose,” Heimann explains 20 ways to make it happen with style, care, and a critical eye.
  • Industry Observations from BBC Podcast Creator Julian Simpson – In the Manchester publication Wigan Today, Charlie Bullough explores the podcast phenomenon with “one of UK podcasting’s leading exponents,” Julian Simpson. Simpson is a writer and director who has developed hit podcasts for the BBC, including the “Mystery Machine” series of H.P. Lovecraft adaptations.

    “Julian believes the key to success is keeping the podcast, which requires absolute concentration from the listener, at the right length,” Bullough writes. Even when making mega-hits like The Case of Charles Dexter Ward, Simpson asserts that “around 25 minutes is the commute’s sweet spot.”

    Of podcasting’s recent success, Simpson says, “I think it is not very different to the rise in popularity of the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime.” However, he’s wary of the podcast-to-TV trend and its implications. “The aim should be to make a good podcast, and then if someone wants to make it into a TV show, then that is just a bonus.”
  • Socially Distant Friends: Podcasters Doing Distraction Right – Natasha Scott, a co-host of 2 Black Girls, 1 Rose, “says she sees ‘a hunger and craving’ for non-coronavirus content.” Amy S. Rosenberg of The Philadelphia Enquirer speaks with several popular podcasters who agree. Now more than ever, audiences and hosts alike find relief in escapist humor and the joyful absurdity of reality TV.

    Rob Cesternino is the creator of “many — so many — Survivor recap shows,” Rosenberg states. Known primarily for Rob Has a Podcast, Cesternino has a matter-of-fact, upbeat attitude. “I don’t think it’s weird to talk about Survivor right now,” he said. “The natural world is nothing like it’s supposed to be. Survivor, for the time being, is very normal.”

    Scott and co-host Justine Kay were scheduled to record a live episode at South by Southwest, canceled along with the festival. Rosenberg describes the show 2 Black Girls, 1 Rose as a “funny-smart, satisfyingly exasperated, roll-your-eyes-along-with-us recap of The Bachelor (‘the whitest show on Earth’).”

    “You have to get creative,” Scott said. “We put our brains together to see how we can continue to nurture our community, give them opportunities to connect with us.” Those opportunities “[depend] on what their listeners choose on their Patreon platform,” Rosenberg writes. Right now, that’s a pivot from The Bachelor to Love is Blind. Well played.

PodMov Daily is always looking to share the voices and perspectives of our community. Please feel free to contact our editorial team if you are interested in the possibility of being a contributor to the newsletter. You can contact them via email.

Podcast Movement Community Updates

Podcast Movement is practicing social distancing… are you?

Here are a few posts from our various Podcast Movement social channels. We would love for you to interact with us throughout the week!

  • Please Share Your Podcast Artwork – We get many requests from new podcasters looking for feedback on their artwork. You are welcome to share your artwork in the comments of this post as well as provide constructive feedback on other artwork. Please be kind and encouraging in this process.

You may not be a Tiger King, but we love you like podcast royalty. We sincerely thank you for all the time, effort, creativity, and resources that you are pouring into your podcasts right now. 

You are helping a lot of people that are struggling, experiencing doubt, and need to hear the voice of a friend. Podcasting offers that and so much more. Please continue to stay safe.

Keep recording and publishing!
Team PM

“If you're not making someone else's life better, then you're wasting your time. Your life will become better by making other lives better.” – Will Smith 

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