Want Obsessed Listeners? Be an Obsessed Podcaster.


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PodMov Daily: Wednesday, June 22

Episode 671: Your Midweek Update

Want Obsessed Listeners? Be an Obsessed Podcaster.

This is how a single podcaster earns the most dedicated fans in the business. Seth Godin has become hooked on a show called A History of Rock Music in 500 Songs. It’s handmade, original, and “simply extraordinary,” he writes in his blog. Before he even describes it, he links to the creator’s Patreon.

Also a podcaster, Godin has written about word-of-mouth marketing for 30+ years. In this post, he hasn’t just recommended this podcast. He’s evangelizing his own dedicated audience, all because 500 Songs creator Andrew Hickey has enormous passion – and the skills to channel it for a niche audience.

A firsthand example: My father is obsessed with Cocaine & Rhinestones, an acclaimed show about the history of country music. At 60, he thought he’d never encounter another person so fascinated by what he loves. He wasn’t even into podcasts. Now, if you know Jim, you know why he learned to use Patreon.

Obsession drove Tyler Mahan Coe to pursue the show alone. “I didn’t want to make this podcast,” he wrote in 2018. “The realization that I was going to have to do it was not comfortable…But I couldn’t sleep at night. If I didn’t make Cocaine & Rhinestones, it was never going to exist and I couldn’t bear the thought of that.” (Woah.)

Back to Seth Godin and 500 Songs. Like Cocaine, it delivers “hundreds of hours of insight and connection,” a niche paradise listeners will pay for. If you’re a solo podcaster, consider trusting your obsession. As Godin has said before, “Marketing is the work of helping people get what they’ve wanted all along.”

Nomono: Field Recording Hardware, Revolutionized

Field recording can get complicated – no one knows better than podcasters. Nomono simplifies recording, production, and collaboration for creators on the move. Completely wireless from microphone to cloud, Nomono’s self-contained recording kit takes the hassle out of making great content.

The Wi-Fi enabled Nomono Sound Capsule combines four ultra-compact lavalier mics with a 360-degree spatial audio microphone array. With automatic backup, full mobile app controls, and advanced processing capabilities, it’s a broadcast journalist’s dream. Best of all, it weighs less than four pounds.

Nomono’s companion cloud service and web app make team organization effortless. (Explore for free in public beta to see the magic in action.) Ready for projects that move faster and sound better? Designed and manufactured in Norway, hardware will be available soon in the Nordics, US, UK, and EU.

Don’t wait for inspiration. It comes while one is working.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Curtain call: The second round of PM22 speakers is out of the bag. This week’s update includes a keynote, attendee scholarship details, and 10 new sessions from experts like Aaron Mahnke (Lore, Grim & Mild), Kim Fox (Ehky Ya Masr, PodFest Cairo), and Randy Kim (The Bánh Mì Chronicles).
  • Pitch perfect: Tink Media has launched a podcast newsletter database to help creators pitch their shows and collaborate. Each entry has a description, coverage details, and contact email. We’re in there (hi!) to accept event pitches only, alongside great publications that may boost your show.
  • Social hour: Spotify for Podcasters has announced #PodSourcing, a recurring Twitter resource. Every other week, the account will pin a tweet creators can use “to find help, advice, or each other.” The first theme is promo swaps, where users ‘drop their needs and find a match’ in the comments.
  • Search party: “Podcast discoverability is one of those problems that seems to plague podcasting but actually only plagues individual podcasters,” writes Caila Litman. “A subtle difference, but an important one.” In #GoodData, she breaks down the data of what big-picture tactics are showing results.

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