Podcast Movement 2020 is back this summer! Learn More & Register Here

Podcast Movement 2020 is back this summer! Learn More & Register Here


    PodMov Daily: Wednesday, March 11

    Episode 160: Your Midweek Update

    The LA Times’ Asian Enough: Podcasting on Asian American Identity

    LA Times columnist Frank Shyong writes about his new podcast Asian Enough, hosted with entertainment reporter Jen Yamato. Each week, the two “interview a different guest about what being Asian American means to them.” The show premieres next Wednesday.

    The podcast illustrates an enormous range of perspectives, Shyong writes. “When you can’t be Asian enough and you’ll never be American enough to fit into any other racial category, what remains is this nagging feeling of alienation and inadequacy.”

    Shyong and Yamato’s work extracts strength from vulnerability and stereotyping. Storytelling heals and validates identity, explains Shyong. “Spending the last 10 years telling Asian American stories, I’ve found so much belonging in my community.”

    PM’s Weekly Recap: International Women’s Day and Getting Social

    This week’s community update celebrates International Women’s Day by highlighting the women that made Podcast Movement what it is today and continue to thrive.

    The second meetup of 2020 is upon us. Those near Las Vegas or attending the NAB Show: Mark your calendars for April 21st. Join PM team and community members for a chill evening get-together. Information and RSVP here.

    In other news, the PM community Facebook group now has over 31,000 members. Join to find out why ― and to be part of the conversation of ideas, learning, support, and updates.

    How to Get Help: Podside Assistance from The Podcast Host

    A little help goes a long way. Matthew McLean of The Podcast Host explains how to get maximum mileage from your podcasting resources. Beyond the ‘big 3’ goals (saving time, saving money, and improving sound quality), the post covers specific, realistic scenarios.

    “All the information you need to get help with your podcast is available online. Unfortunately, so is all the misinformation,” McLean points out. Avoid listicles and advice overload by taking a course, working with a mentor, or even reading “those ancient and mystical blocks of wood.”

    Do you ever “[feel] like you’re trying to impersonate a radio DJ”? McLean has particularly helpful suggestions for honing those hosting skills. “Many new podcasters find the presentation particularly jarring,” but there are solid options to ease, or avoid, the pressure of the mic.

    Focusrite, a leader in fine audio interfaces, is making the dream of rich, professional-quality sound closer than ever.

    Focusrite and some of the best brands in content creation are bringing three podcasters complete studio makeovers, valued at over $2300 each, and the chance to be featured in a Focusrite-produced video project.

    Your dream studio begins with the Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 3rd Gen Audio Interface, from the best-selling range in the world. Along with a microphone from Heil Sound, headphones from ADAM Audio, and more, winners will score:

    • Free hosting for a month from Simplecast
    • Design session and $500 credit with Audimute for a custom sound treatment solution
    • Lil Namba Remix backpack

    Entrants must submit an audio sample of their podcast, along with a brief pitch video. The competition runs through April 17, so now’s your chance!

    You will never plough a field if you only turn it over in your mind.

    Here’s what else is going on:

    • Turning in: For Vice, Leila Ettachfini explores the power of therapy podcasts like Where Should We Begin? by Esther Perel. Turns out that “other people’s recorded therapy sessions are the perfect opportunity for self reflection.”
    • Bold strokes: Journalist and presenter Kate Hutchinson details her podcast and portrait project The Last Bohemians, made with photographer Laura Kelly. It’s a passionate homage to “female firebrands and debonaire disruptors.”
    • Home companion: Podcasts have been important during the coronavirus outbreak, says iHeartRadio CEO Bob Pittman. “In times of need like this, [people] are hanging out with us more and they are looking to us for information.”
    • Full measure: Liam Hickey, the head of automation at Spotify Australia and New Zealand, expressed that the podcast industry “needs to master metrics around audio advertising by the end of the year as the category surges.”

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